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The Elite Neural IT Management are:

Sailesh Paul Peringatt – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Heading a young team gives him the unique advantage of keeping things moving at the speed of thought. With a varied background of heading multiple companies, Sailesh is in charge of Business Development. A go-getter who believes in taking the company into many allied areas of customer solutions besides growing their present gamut of services, he says, 'Taking your space for granted in a fast-evolving scenario is detrimental. If the world is becoming smaller, the consumers are demanding bigger and better solutions. Leadership means reading the times much before the consumers do, getting future-ready and empowering them with the understanding of both the solution and the potential for growth inherent within it.'

Vinay Ramdas – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


The experience of a decade and a half in the IT industry has only whetted his appetite to know more. He complements the CEO's vision by bringing in the latest technologies to work. As CTO, his expertise in multiple programming languages and multiple platforms helps him not only stay in tune with everyday technological needs of the company, but also drives the IT direction in which it operates. He says, 'The learning curve doesn't ever change. It just goes around a new bend.' Yet his biggest contribution to Neural IT is the new technological initiatives he brings in. This ensures the team too is kept alert to the varying changes in the IT world.

Saajan Thomas – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


His smile never betrays the amount of diligence with which he handles the various administration and management issues that require his attention and problem-solving skills almost every day. A strict believer in processes he ensures teams and individuals are all aligned with the company culture and functions. His belief is 'Adherence to rules helps the team function as a cohesive unit and adds to bonding over work and goals. In that sense it is always a collective sense of achievement for the team whenever the company wins praise or business from a client.'

Hitesh S. Trailokya – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The go-to man when anyone wants to know the status on jobs or how they are lined-up. He is always 'in the know' on how the team is progressing on each assignment and handles client co-ordination in terms of understanding their peculiar needs while aligning them with internal schedules. His past record in handling similar responsibilities in big corporates is an added bonus.

Josh Bleiberg – Legal Operations Manager

With a background in legal operations management, compliance and workflow optimization Josh is the primary United States based project manager. He has been instrumental in all processes of business and project specific management including call center and phone support center creation, software and workflow integration, development and back office set up and oversight. He has a background that includes major banking clients and understands the needs of companies of all sizes. His time in both the US and Mumbai offices has helped him create a review and work model process that is seamless and efficient, and he is always available for any customer needs and concerns.