Neural IT with excellent staff on board has partnered with leading law firms to support them on various fronts. Right from generating new claims, the association of incoming documents, payment processing & merging of outgoing documents, Neural IT has provided end to end solution to its extreme clientele. Hiring new paralegals is something that hasn’t bothered our clients from the time Neural IT has partnered with them. Blessed with different time zone, Neural IT takes over the work of processing everything overnight so when the law firm looks at starting their operations in the morning they have everything ready in their hands. Right from the reconciliation of whatever was assigned we also provide custom reports to each dept which proves that they are always in safe hands when it comes to dealing with services.


The supreme goal of any business irrespective of size is to cut cost and make business viable to sustain for the longest time. Business Process Outsourcing helps to control costs by hiring services of greater competence of the outsourcing partner. Services by subject matter experts and licensed professionals ensures will increase the efficiency levels of your organization and appreciation of quality work from your clients. By outsourcing your daily work requirements, you get time to focus on core business and can utilize funds from the capital saved. Our in-house technological tools are safe, secure, efficient, and highly advanced ensuring a quality delivery.

Some Of Our Offerings

Highly competent Neural IT staff with eye for detail works on every file that comes to the office. This process includes screening different documents provided by the clients and entering relevant information into the system for generating claims. Association of the document follows & the ends with Quality checks. Each and every claim is delivered to the client with precision and also coded which makes sure they reach the next stage of life cycle. Neural IT has consistently maintained the accuracy level of 99.8% on all its deliverables.

Each and every claim at different levels of the life cycle has to be reviewed for best practices of collections. Managing high volume cases was never a problem for our clients since the time they have partnered with us. State of the art scheduled programs comprehensively incorporates each and every pre-requisite information needed to process a file and rolls it to appropriate task. The team then scrubs the case and moves the file to appropriate legal workflows. Be it Judgments, Trials or Motions, our team preps each file to perfection which helps the Attorneys to make the best appearances they could ever think of.

Neural IT completely understands the criticality of each incoming document our clients may receive. Each and every document is assigned to the highly trained staff at Neural IT for an association and further processing. Each document goes through detailed screening which is then added to the relevant case files under appropriate document types which are customized. This is extremely helpful to the attorneys when they want to look at any precise documents without going through all the case documents. Neural IT staff also codes the case files which takes the files to next level of processing. The incoming documents are either scanned or electronically transmitted to Neural IT. This helps our clients to remain paperless and also save costs.

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes without going to court and has become the best means to resolve a claim. In arbitration, the dispute is submitted to a third party (the arbitrator) who resolves the dispute after hearing a presentation by both parties. The case gets initiated with document submission package followed by an appearance of the attorney on the hearing date issued by AAA for oral argument in front of the arbitrator. Occasionally, the presentation also includes witnesses who testify.

We have more than a decade of experience in helping law firms file claims with AAA along with the feature to custom modify each package based on the nature of claims. This, in turn, increases the chances of winning the claim in first go.

Cases with no policy violations are quickly filed in Arbitrations. Our expert team has an eye for detail to perfectly review viable claims that could churn those Bills into monies when it comes to filing claims with AAA. E-filing claims and ensuring confirmations are perfectly received will make sure that none of the claims are missed by the ADR teams.

Some of the main activities we handle for our clients:

  1. Claims generation.

  2. Automated process of AR1 form generation and E-filing cases with complete package & reconciliation.

  3. Review and updation of information received from AAA and respondent’s during conciliation.

  4. Posting and reviewing settlement offers from AAA portal.

  5. Record settlements and generation of Stips.

  6. Follow up on settled claims.

  7. Calendaring cases for Arb hearings.

  8. Customized packaging of cases for attorneys appearing for hearings along with appearance sheets.

  9. Review and updation of hearing results & Awards.

  10. Payment follow ups.

  11. Payment postings.

  12. Filing complaints on unpaid claims.

  13. Document associations.


  • In most cases, there is an agreement from both parties to the dispute on the arbitrator, so a fair and impartial decision is expected by either party.

  • The dispute will be normally resolved much sooner, as a date of hearing for the arbitration can usually be obtained a lot faster than a court date. The current average on receiving the hearing date is within 8 months from the time we file the arbitration with AAA.

  • As the matter is resolved out of court, the cost involved turns out to be economical.

  • The rules around Arbitration are much relaxed as compared to going to court, documents and records of expert witnesses can be submitted thereby avoiding the added expense of arranging for expert witnesses to come and testify at trial.

  • The entire Arbitration can be handled confidentially maintaining the privacy of the parties if desired so.

  • An element of closure is associated with Arbitration for cases where the decision is binding leaving very fewer chances of Appeal to either party.

Managing finance could never be that easy. To support the state of the art finance module Neural IT has provided to the clients, our back office service works in tandem with the finance dept to complete the payment cycle. The payment instruments are scanned to the Neural IT staff who then takes over and applies it to the appropriate files with precision. Each and every penny assigned is reconciled and reported to the clients with accuracy. Neural IT has been processing this for years now for different clients with 100 % accuracy which enables our clients to bank on us.

Neural IT has taken over the entire operations for some of the clients which have exceeded the expectation of getting the best services at affordable prices. Each and every workflow is designed by our onboard highly trained project managers who closely work with each department heads all the time. Be it setting up a new process or changing the existing ones, Neural IT has always done so with ease. Every client department heads are assigned relationship managers who ensure that deliverables are done with precise timing and accuracy. End-to-end reporting takes care of deliverables and peace of mind for our clients. Each and every stage of workflow is closely monitored, and progress reports are sent to the clients/business owners periodically which help them to achieve their business goals and vision with perfection.