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Case Study LPO

The Companies:-

Baker Sanders, L.L.C.

In early 2004, Sanders, Grossman, Fass, & Muhlstock, P.C. and the Law office of Baker, Barshay, & Neuwirth, L.L.P., merged to form one of the largest No-Fault Medical Collections firms in the State of New York. Today Baker Sanders, L.L.C. represents over 7,000 medical providers in New York and New Jersey.

Among its clients are orthopedists, neurologists, internists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, hospitals, multi-modality facilities, diagnostic testing centers, and other specialists.

Baker Sanders, L.L.C. is also a borderless collections law firm that has developed an innovative strategy within the ARM industry to serve as a national firm covering over 85% of the United States population. Its clientele includes major banks, collection agencies, debt buyers, lawyer/legal-networks, landlords, leasing companies, medical groups, retailers and wholesalers.

The Sanders Firm

In 1967, Stanley Sanders began specializing in personal injury law. Forty years later, Sanders, Sanders, Block, Woycik, Viener & Grossman, P.C. and Sanders, Viener Grossman, L.L.P. are both successful and prominent New York law firms - consistently achieving considerable settlements and recoveries for accident victims and those who suffered from corporate greed regarding the improper production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Its clients include people injured as a result of automobile accidents, construction accidents, lead poisoning, police brutality, nursing home abuse, workplace and general negligence, product liability, medical malpractice; and those needing help with social security and workers' compensation matters. The firm is also equipped to handle defense matters, criminal, real estate, corporate, commercial litigation, matrimonial law and immigration law.

The Challenge :-

After a combined entity was created came the real problems, work culture mismatch, employee overlap, accounting issues, dropped productivity, disgruntled employees and angry customers.

Key Legal Challenges :-

  1. Managing huge volume of cases caused by the combined inventory of the Law Firms
  2. Drafting legal documents in an extraordinary volume
  3. Preparing for cases and meeting the deadlines set by the courts
  4. Follow-up of cases in litigation
  5. Manual Merging of Documents
  6. Creating copies of Digital Images to be attached to Documents
  7. High Turnover
  8. Outsourcing Readiness

Firm Challenges:-

  1. Salary Expenses
  2. Infrastructure Costs
  3. Huge Volume of Clients
  4. Stream Lining Administrative Activities
  5. Focusing on Core Competency

The Solution :-

Neural IT hired a team of experienced Attorneys and offered Baker Sanders, L.L.C. and The Sanders Law Firm the below mentioned services which enabled them to function efficiently in day to day activities.

  • Case Management
  • Work Flow Management
  • Trial Preparations
  • Drafting legal documents such as, Summons & Complaints, Bill of Particulars, Medical Malpractice Summons and Complaints, Medical Malpractice Bill of Particulars, Motions, Affidavits/Affirmations, etc.
  • Case Law Research

The Attorney team in India worked extensively round the clock with onshore Attorneys in better understating the Law, Legal Procedure and methodology of drafting the Legal documents.

Baker Sanders, L.L.C. and The Sanders Law Firm gave us the go ahead in drafting Legal documents for their Firms. Attorneys in India started assisting the onshore attorneys in their routine work as well as in stream lining the legal work flow. Over a period of time we were able to gather the essential expertise required for delivery of quality and timely work product.

The Results :-

  1. Baker Sanders, L.L.C. and The Sanders Law Firm reduced its onshore Attorney staff considerably mainly because of the augmented Attorneys in India which resulted in huge savings per year.
  2. Baker Sanders, L.L.C. and The Sanders Law Firm were able meet the return dates on files set by the Courts, since most of the legal documents were drafted by Attorneys in India.
  3. Baker Sanders, L.L.C. and The Sanders Law Firm started expanding rapidly in volume, buying inventory from other law firms as Legal drafting was taken care of by Neural IT without the worry of scaling up onshore and dropping the ball.
  4. Faster turnaround time by avoiding adjournments in the courts lead to immensely satisfied customers.