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Case Study Medical-Legal

The Sanders Firm

In 1967, Stanley Sanders began specializing in personal injury law. Forty years later, Sanders, Sanders, Block, Woycik, Viener & Grossman, P.C. and Sanders, Viener Grossman, L.L.P. are both successful and prominent New York law firms - consistently achieving considerable settlements and recoveries for accident victims and those who suffered from corporate greed regarding the improper production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Its clients include people injured as a result of automobile accidents, construction accidents, lead poisoning, police brutality, nursing home abuse, workplace and general negligence, product liability, medical malpractice; and those needing help with social security and workers' compensation matters. The firm is also equipped to handle defense matters, criminal, real estate, corporate, commercial litigation, matrimonial law and immigration law.

Key Challenges :-

  1. Managing huge volume of cases caused by the combined inventory of the Law Firms
  2. Drafting of medical reports in terms of affidavits/affirmations
  3. Reviewing for cases and meeting the deadlines set by the courts
  4. Affidavits/Affidavits drafted for Arbitration and Litigation
  5. Sound knowledge of medicine, pharmocology and associated pathophysiology for medical review
  6. Manual Merging of Documents
  7. High Turnover
  8. Faster Turnaround Time
  9. Outsourcing Readiness

Capabilities :-

Specialize in Drug prescription cases, product liability and medical malpractice expertise. We understand the complications arising from advances in pharmaceutical efficacy, increasingly sophisticated and complex medical procedures. Hence, dedicated to the level of research required and the need to keep abreast of issues and progress in the healthcare industry.

The Solution :-

As a team of qualified professionals from Healthcare industry and knowledege of law involved with the lawsuits, we assure to give quality work and TAT delivery of tagged medical documents, medical review, etc. served by various specialists and technicians, such as doctors, medical technicians, radiologists etc.

Rapid and fast uploading, downloading and retrieval of medical documents pdf via portal or FTP server using authenticated login ID and password.

Neural IT hired a team of experienced people with professionally medical background and has offered The Sanders Law Firm the below mentioned services which enabled them to function efficiently in day to day activities.