eHRMS - Human Resource Management System

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eHRMS - Human Resource Management System

eHRMS is an interface to provide management of HR practices & administration. The system supports cloud based and in-house activity both. The entire HR Workflow, Activity Logs, Events, Leave & attendance rules, HRIS , Performance & Talent management could be managed with this software. The system is configurable & supports paperless activities. Mobile app with real time Geo location tracking makes it more unique.

Pay slips, Tax declaration & Form 16b, Export to Tally, Financial MIS, Template Merging are some additional features which assists HR for a smooth self service operation. Customizable filtering, Reports and Graphical representations helps Management for their review & analysis. User Dashboard & other related functional modules will help improve employee satisfaction as well.

eHRMS is user friendly & encourages self service operation for employees.

Key Features

  • Configurable workflows
  • Centralized database with easy access
  • Single sign on
  • Integrated functional modules
  • Self service operation for individuals
  • Customizable defined roles to created users
  • Auto generated light weight user interfaces

eHRMS software will take care of all the following activities.

  • Recruitment & Onboarding Management.
  • Employment Letter Generation With Unique ID.
  • Employee Database Management.
  • Performance Management, Alerts & Reminders, Memos, Bulletin.
  • HR Reports, Document Center to manage HR Policy Manuals.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.

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