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  • Legal Documentation & Drafting

Summons and Complaint: A civil lawsuit  is started by filing SUMMONS  and COMPLAINT. We draft a complaint that sets forth, in brief, the allegations which the plaintiff proves to win his case. The complaint is drafted with such precision so as to draw exact responses from the Defendant, which in turn is the document FILED next. We have the expertise in drafting Summons and Complaints for different types of cases e.g.: Auto Accident, General Negligence, Dog bite, Assault Battery, Municipal, Labor Law, Product Liability, Medical Negligence, Workers Compensation Case, etc.

We ensure to promote efficiency and keep operational control over accuracy and productivity of our work.

Bill of Particulars: A lawsuit is started with a summons and complaint. The people being sued are then required to answer the allegations in the complaint which their representing attorney will send back as a detailed list of questions and demands seeking answers. The attorney must then answer each of the questions that they pose in this document known as a verified bill particulars. Hence, a Bill of particulars is an answer sheet which we give to the defendant for their various questions. We have a team of experts who draft these bill of particulars ensuring all the questions are answered appropriately, keeping our clients’ interest in mind.

Threshold Motions: The threshold motion is drafted to determine whether an accident victim should be allowed to recover money for pain and suffering. Our Medical Legal team drafts these threshold motions supported by a medical summary which outlines the pain and suffering caused to the patient due to the accident. Based on medical records and treatment histories, it is determined whether the impairment caused by the injuries can be considered permanent and if the impairment has affected the plaintiff's physical, mental, or psychological function.

Motions: A written application made to a Court to issue an order for specific action in favor of the applicant or contested issue for decision. A motion almost always contains a recitation of the facts of the case or the situation prompting the movant to make the request. Our attorneys are aware of all the essentials required to draft a “Notice of Motion,” followed by an “Affidavit in Support” of it and copies of any documents that support the request and would help the judge to make a decision in applicant’s favor. 

Deposition Summary: Testimonies gathered during depositions can provide valuable information that can be used to represent the client’s interest. However, wading through pages of complex testimony can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you use deposition summaries, you will have a proper and useful list of the main points from each deposition. This can help you better manage your time as you build your case. 

Our team understands your requirements and will summarize the deposition by page and line, with an objective to identify and highlight the following important points:

  • in favor of the client
  • going against the client
  • helpful in quest of evidence, and/or 
  • proving the fault of the party

Legal Research and Summarization: 

Case summarization is a way of presenting a case systematically to determine the most relevant facts, identify the legal issues involved, arguments from the opposition parties, and contention wise brief discussion of the judgment. Our attorneys offer expert services in finding relevant case laws and applicable statutes, rules, and laws for the subject in issue. Our team will also assist you in finding recent legal articles and law amendments or Statutes for the subject in issue. 

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