Professional expertise is required for the efficient management of tasks related to managing legal process outsourcing (LPO). We manage voluminous case management tasks that are recursive and burdening.

Lead Management:

Lead Management is the initial and the most crucial step for the success of every business. Our team identifies and enters the leads in the Case manager system. These leads are categorized in a manner, making it easy for attorneys to identify their potential clients. Our team also assists in rejecting the unwanted leads and saves attorney's valuable time.


Once the lead is retained by law firms, our experienced intake team conducts data entry, calling and drafting of case opening letters. Our efficient team is also acquainted with setting up personal injury claims with insurance companies. We draft all imperative letters which notify about the personal injury claim to the employer, medical providers, and insurance company and at-fault parties, and requests the pertinent documents required to litigate the claim.

Our Services Includes:

  • Case Intake and management
  • Reviewing, organizing and indexing legal documents
  • Organizing, analyzing, filing and preparing chronologies
  • Drafting correspondences
  • E-filing
  • Maintaining your calendar