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When you are searching for a transcription service provider on whom you can count on for all of your medical-legal needs, you understandably may be looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions. However, while you may focus on the budget, you may understand that accuracy is an undeniable factor that simply cannot be compensated for. Neural IT offers a wide range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical-legal community, and medical tagging is one of them.

What is Medical Tagging?

This is a type of service that essentially provides you with the opportunity to add a sticky note to your electronic documents in a virtual format. For example, you may have a medical file or chart that is being transcribed into a virtual or electronic document, such as a PDF format, this service gives you the ability to tag it with an electronic reminder. This may be useful when you need to draw attention to the impact that a certain medication or an implanted device has had on a patient. This can be used effectively to promote your goals with minimal time and effort.

The Benefits of Tagging

When you add a sticky note in a virtual format like this, you essentially are able to highlight key pieces of information that are highly relevant or important, and this can draw the attention of the reader to that point. This may highlight the reaction of a drug at a certain stage of treatment, or it may be used in other specific ways. It essentially provides better results, improved quality, minimization of risk, and cost savings to your organization.

With a hard copy document, you can use a highlighter or an actual sticky note to draw the attention of the reader to a specific point, but there are obvious benefits associated with bookmarking and tagging these handwritten charts and records into a digital format. When you do so, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of highlighting or notations through this type of service. If you believe that your company would benefit from this or other types of transcription services available to you through Neural IT, contact the office today to inquire about our services. The right combination of services can save your company money while providing you with the benefits of transcription.


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