Medical malpractice cases are, unfortunately, very common, and they require your office staff to sift through stacks of paperwork to locate specific and highly relevant pieces of information about the case. The fact is that the aggregate suit amount of cases reviewed in the past year is more than 28 million, and this number is not expected to decline in the future. At Neural IT, we are committed to providing our valued clients with an extensive range of medical-legal services that meet their needs during a medical malpractice review situation and for many other everyday needs.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

The fact is that no medical professional is above making any mistake. All are human and will inevitably make a mistake from time to time. However, medical malpractice occurs when the professional was negligent in actions or through omission and fails to live up to the standard expectations that are common in the industry. Moreover, to claim for malpractice at the court of law, the patient must have been negatively impacted by injury or death due to the error. The fact is that these cases, inevitably, require copious amount of data to be reviewed. Everything, right from the symptoms that were first described by the patient to the lab test results, treatments, and other details relevant to the case undergo a medical malpractice review.

How We Can Help You

At Neural IT, we are committed to helping our valued clients through a wide range of services. For example, for all of your case depositions, we can use our thorough and accurate medical transcription services to convert audio recordings and other documents into a digital or electronic format. We can retrieve medical records that you need from various facilities through customized services, and we can tag files to highlight relevant details that are specific and unique to the case in addition to writing a chronology of the claimant's medical history.

A medical malpractice review is an important step to take in any legal situation. You will have access to Neural IT's much-required extended support. We are available to begin working for you with our extensive range of services. Regardless of the stage, you are at with your case, you can benefit from turning to our resources and services. Contact Neural IT today to learn more about how our services can benefit you.