Monster Scan - Document Scanning Solution

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Monster Scan - Document Scanning Solution

Monster Scan is a TWAIN based high speed scanning application which provides features such as Barcode Generation, Batch Scan by Barcode, Scan directly into the file, TIFF / PDF Generation, etc.

In today's scenario of immense complexities, there are major document related issues faced by large, mid-sized and small corporations. It is quintessential that a document scanning software should support company's document management system by addressing issues of document location/storage, document filing, document retrieval, document security, document recovery (in case of destruction from fires, floods or natural disasters), document archiving (for future readability), document distribution (amongst various users), document creation and authentication.

Industry Specific tests:

MonsterScan's feature-rich and unique applicability has been successfully implemented and proven to have rendered several document solutions to file conversion issues prevailing in law firms, real estate and financial service firms, health care, corporate workgroups and small businesses of all types. Our expert team has well recognized the issues stemming from an overwhelming sea of papers and records piling in top-notch corporates. Which is why we have armed MonsterScan with certain unique features, in order to support large scale projects that require quick turnarounds and high quality deliverable.

With MonsterScan you can

Have an integrated environment for scanning, imaging, versioning, indexing and routing of document within and across the company structure
Remote manage, share, secure and retrieve documents instantaneously

How it works?

MonsterScan is an intelligent application that provides unique and speedy methods of scanning and storing data.

1. Scan by case

Documents need to be associated with a unique identifier or id where scanning is done by case (Normal Scan), depending on the industry.
For instance, Identifiers can be:
in legal industry the unique identifier can be 'case number'
in Health Care facilities/hospitals the unique identifier can be 'patient id'.
In case of Real Estate transactions, the unique identifier can be, 'Loan number'

Categories and Subcategories can be:
Legal industry - No fault, Personal Injury, Bodily Injury etc, wherein subcategorization may be on the basis of Summons, Affidavits, defendant answers, discovery etc.
Health care facilities/hospitals - Pathology, Radiology, Ultrasound etc., wherein subcategorization may be on the basis of Blood sugar, CBC, X-Ray Chest, X-Ray Abdomen etc.

Any general scan can be stored in terms of [id],[category],[sub category] and not dependent on limiting parameters of a specific industry. It's usage facilitates the user's ability to control and manage documents effectively, which garners structured workflow within the organization.
Aptly put, MonsterScan is an Industry Neutral Application, serving all domains.

2. Scan by barcode

The inbuilt 'Barcode Separator Functionality' allows integrated job separation through the insertion of a specially coded page between documents in a stack before scanning. Once scanned, the software uses these pages to determine when a particular set begins and ends. This allows the scanning of many documents at once, rather than scanning one at a time.
Scan by barcode mode can further be configured to automatically create a directory structure in a format like [current date],[id],[category], which facilitates organization by folders. The beauty of this significant feature is that it allows documents to be scanned by classification/categorization and stored accordingly in respective folders. Scanning by Barcode is beneficial where several documents are to be scanned. In which case, the said documents can be grouped/categorized together by generation of barcode.

This format also benefits users ranging from Legal, Health care, Real estate, Financial firms to many small business workgroups.

Strong Features

Some of the features which enable MonsterScan to standout as an excellent scanning application are as follows:

Application related features:

  • Accuracy: 100% accurate capturing (if the scanner is not noise ridden)
  • File Size: Very low as compressors are used but with no compromise on quality.
  • TWAIN-compliance: The scanner can be accessed locally or remotely using the Internet.
  • Status Display: Enables user to keep track of scanning details such as phase of scanning, uploading and connectivity with the server. The status window displays scan terminal, connection to server, last successful upload executed, documents awaiting login, documents in upload queue, documents uploaded today and total Documents scanned today.
  • Single sign on Authentication: Uploading of Documents is authenticated through single sign on access.
  • Upload queue: By viewing the status and upload queue it becomes easy to decide on which documents are to be uploaded. Enables the display of list of pending documents which are saved but not uploaded, as queued up as per their category and type of documents in tabular format. Documents in Queue can be reviewed for quality assurance before being committed to the database.
  • Output: Scans to JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF & TIFF files and multipage for supported file formats. Document scans processed are editable and searchable
  • Display: Allows thumbnail display of pages
  • Page functions: Page insert, replace, delete, append functions
  • Image manipulation: Inserting a label over the scan and also aids Image rotation, inversion, scaling, fit-to-window, scrolling

Additional Features:

  • Auto-Trim function
  • Automatic file creating/naming capability with auto-incrementing file name
  • Allows De-speckle and De-skew functions
  • Zoom-in, cropping, magnification
  • Automatic uploading of remote jobs without human intervention to connect to remote locations.
  • Supports scanning from both flatbed and automatic document feeder scanners
  • Scan to Email: Scan and email the attachment (While using send email, MS(short for MonsterScan) will even tell you if it is MAPI compatible. Email function has been modified to allow emailing an entire batch of images. Also, there is also an option to limit the file size of the attachments, so that you will not go outside of your email server's limit.)
  • Scan to Database.
  • Sharpening Tool:"Do Sharpening After Scan" option, automatically sharpens the image. If you wish to modify the default settings simply use the slide bars to increase the percentages applied to each area of the image. High values increase the amount of contrast and sharpen the image, and smaller values blur the image.


System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Scanner Support: Any TWAIN or WIA compatible Flatbed or feeder scanner