Bair Hugger (3M)

Friday, Oct 9, 2015

Medical providers oftentimes will do anything that's necessary to make their lives and the lives of their patients easier. Let us use the Bair Hugger System as an illustration.  It is marketed under the 3M Bair Hugger brand name. The surgical blanket is used to prevent and treat hypothermia among surgical patients. One of the benefits of this blanket is it keeps patients warm during surgery and, more importantly, it lessens patients' recovery time and prevents excessive bleeding.

This 3M product has been in use for decades. However, studies and cases have proven that the blanket leads to infections during procedures. Patients have developed infections after surgeries caused by its temperature management systems. Unsurprisingly, victims of this seemingly innocent product have filed lawsuits, claiming 3M was negligent, particularly in failing to warn about the risks and in misrepresenting the safety of this warm blanket.

The Bair Hugger system is a convective temperature control system and is used in a hospital or surgical center to maintain the patient's body temperature. The Bair Hugger system consists of a reusable heating unit and disposable disposable heating blankets for use before, during and after surgery. This is a medical device that was launched in 1987 and is currently manufactured by 3M. 

The Bair Hugger system is the use of convective heating of the ground, which is also known as forced heating of the air, to prevent it, and to treat perioperative hypothermia. The system consists of two main elements: a heating unit and a disposable blanket. Global warming earths are connected by a flexible hose to a disposable blanket. Hot air from the heating of the earth device will go through the hose and into the cold. Once the warm air reached the blanket, it was covered with a series of micro-perforations on the underside of the blanket, warming the patient's skin, in a room that was not involved in the surgical procedure. 

The Bair Hugger system heats up efficiently, thanks to natural convection and radiation, heat transfer, improves the flow of warm air on the surface of the patient's skin. For heat transfer, there is at least 64% of the patient's body surface area, which must be purchased depending on the Bair Hugger blanket. 

The Bair Hugger system was originally developed by Scott Instagram, a Utah managing director. Bair Hugger was produced by Arizant, formerly known as St. Augustine Medicine. St. Augustine, Arizant Liberation in 2002, Arizant, was acquired by 3M in 2009. Later, Augustine thinks of a different type of warming device for patients and has created a separate company to sell a competitive device. The Bair Hugger system must be approved by the FDA in 1987. 

Since 1987, the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ system, enhanced with a warm embrace, has included more than 300 million surgical patients and helped them feel the comfort and clinical benefits of warmth. 

How to identify and address unmet clinical needs for temperature management, proven, effective solutions have been the inspiration for increasing the Bair Hugger range to expand with 25 models of global warming Earth blankets using four earth clothing configurations, as well as an innovative, non-invasive temperature monitoring system. 

As part of 3M's fight against SSIS from all sides, the Bair Hugger normothermy system provides the widest range of best-in-class warming products for patients to help doctors have a zone-keeping patient body temperature in the normothermic zone temperature range from 36.0° to 37.5°C1. 2 - and protect patients while improving outcomes. 

A warming blanket on the ground, the system features proven, flexible and temperature-regulating solutions that are designed to make work easier and improve patient care. 

The Bair Hugger warms the dress ground, a system that makes it easier to warm up the patient for initial surgery, HANDS, and provides clinical and comfort, as well as having global warming potential in some patient dresses. 

The Bair Hugger temperature management system is the first accurate, unobtrusive solution for monitoring body temperature throughout the entire perioperative period.

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