Denton Physician Pled Guilty Over Drug Trafficking Charges

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, a Denton physician pled guilty to federal drug trafficking charges after being accused of overprescribing powerful opioids to drug-seeking patients without assessing them.

The 63-year-old doctor admitted the conspiracy to distribute and administer restricted narcotics as well as health care fraud. According to the announcement, he unlawfully administered about 370,000 tablets of hydrocodone beginning in 2017. He even pre-signed the strongest painkiller prescription for individuals who displayed drug-seeking behaviour on many occasions.

According to the announcement, the individuals were never completely assessed or forced to give any proof explaining their pain before getting the prescription.

According to the statement, the physician was only present at the office approximately half the time he reported, and prescriptions were prepared for patients while he was away on vacation.

The examination also discovered that his four nurse practitioners saw 20 to 30 patients each day and were paid on a production-based rather than a fixed basis. The nurses reportedly invoiced Medicare and TriCare under the physician's medical identity number, raising the government's expenses for his services.

The physician faces 20 years in prison for the wrongdoings of conspiracy to distribute and administer controlled medications and health care fraud. An assistant U.S. attorney is looking after the proceedings of the case, and the sentencing hearing is yet to be scheduled.

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