North Dakota To Get $6M From JUUL In E-cigarette Settlement

Juul, a well-known e-cigarette manufacturer, will pay North Dakota $6 million as part of a lawsuit settlement over marketing tactics.

North Dakota is making money as the state is collecting funds from vape producer JUUL for the company's youth marketing methods, which include free samples and launch parties. A manager of Moe Smoke Shop’s said that the device is slim enough to be carried by the kids in their pockets. Although the company might not have intended to oversell the product to the teens, the compact size of the vape made it easier for them.

JUUL is still the most popular brand of vape items at Moe's Smoke Shop. According to the manager of the shop, users like the design and packaging of the goods. As a result, they will be available to anyone who wants to come and acquire them. You may obtain as many as you desire. There is no restriction on those.

The FDA ordered JUUL to withdraw all products from the market and cease manufacture in June. The corporation, however, was given an emergency stay, and one Bismarck business still has the goods on hand. According to a Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Manage expert, while this may reduce the company's sales, it will not control the addiction problem.

Customers will be able to obtain similar items if JUUL is removed from the market, according to the management. As part of the agreement, JUUL is no longer allowed to feature persons under the age of 35 in their marketing or provide access to their websites without age verification. The list of limitations is extensive.

The funds of the settlement will be distributed to the state over a six-to-ten-year period. North Dakota is one of 34 states that have reached a JUUL settlement.

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