West Virginia To Get $83M From Walgreens Over Opioid Crisis

West Virginia reached an $83 million deal with Walgreens to end a lawsuit over the drugstore chain's participation in the state's opioid problem.

According to the state Attorney General, Walgreens has agreed to pay the compensation over an eight-year period. The proceeds from all opioid settlements will be dispersed in accordance with an agreement reached with the state and municipal governments on how to address the state's opioid issue.

According to the attorney general, the state will continue to pursue justice for those most affected by the opioid crisis. He said that while this and subsequent settlements will not bring back the lives lost due to the opioid epidemic; we hope that the money will give considerable assistance to people in West Virginia most affected by the issue.

The settlement ends a lawsuit alleging that the drugstore chain's failure to maintain adequate diversion controls contributed to the state's opioid oversupply.

Walgreens is a defendant in a class action lawsuit filed by Kroger, Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid. Walmart and CVS reached a $147 million settlement with the state in September, while Rite Aid reached a $30 million settlement in August. Kroger is the only surviving defendant, and his trial is set for June.

Kroger is accused of failing to disclose questionable medication orders to the Drug Enforcement Administration and the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy, according to the attorney general.

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