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Newsletter - April 2015

Web Release | Mumbai (India) - Apr 10th 2015

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Spring is in the air...

Founded in 2004, Neural IT is an ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA-compliant outsourcing services provider. Our presence in the legal sector extends beyond its medical experience. Neural IT's staff is a composite of both physicians and attorneys who are well versed with legal processes that firms are engaged in and deal with daily.
Neural IT's attorney's work on broad range of legal documentation for clients, ranging from Summons & Complaints, Bill of Particulars, Demand Letters, Discovery Responses and Rebuttal Affidavit - Affirmations to Arbitration Briefs. Of the various types of documents, clients pay particular attention to, and stress the importance of, demand letters.
Zofran Litigations
The drug Zofran (Odnansetron) was manufactured to help cancer patients to treat nausea that usually follows chemotherapy treatments. The FDA's approval of Zofran was limited to only this use. However, manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline took the liberty of marketing the drug to pregnant women to treat morning sickness. Unfortunately, not only did the FDA not approve the drug for this use, but studies soon found that use of the drug to treat morning sickness was linked to birth defects.
After pleading guilty to federal charges of fraud and illegal promotion, and settling the matter for $3 billion, the manufacturer now faces various others pending lawsuits as a result of the injuries stemming from Zofran's unapproved use.
Demand Letters
As all attorneys and firms are undoubtedly aware, demand letters are used to settle personal injury cases usually before a lawsuit. A well-prepared demand letter sets the tone for settlement negotiations between parties, which can save firms money and resources. Moreover, in the personal injury arena demand letters are the best and most viable options for firms seeking to settle on reasonable terms.
Our drafted personal injury demand letter begins at the point of impact and ends with the medical chronology of treatment. It guides the adjuster through all claimant have lost as a result of the insured's negligence. It effectively limits the adjuster's options for objecting to the amount of your settlement demand.
Neural IT has had an overwhelming response to our demand letter service at the most recent AAJ convention. Firms and attorneys were eager to learn that we offer demand letter drafting, and at a reasonably competitive rate to boot.

This month, Neural IT will be attending the MTMP convention in Las Vegas from April 16-17 (Booth #35), and we are excited to meet all of you there!