Prakriya - Web Application Framework

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Prakriya - Web Application Framework

What is Prakriya ?

Designed and developed by the technology team, Prakriya, our web application framework, which is 'process' in Sanskrit, is based on Drupal. The modular framework, content management system including the blogging engine of Drupal make it an extremely flexible software, ideal for customizing the solution to the clients' needs.

We have created our own set of powerful programming interfaces that enable Rapid Application Development (RAD). These applications facilitate efficient usage of resources and aid better processing. Prakriya provides theme management, menu management, user management, access control, database abstraction and a programming interface which is completely web based. This allows you to enjoy new levels of adaptability and security, while staying modular, structured and highly scalable.

Thanks to the wide flexibility it offers, we have based our entire range of products on Prakriya. Here are a few cases in point:

  • Adapt - Case Management System
  • ZC - Debt Collection System
  • Zeus - No-fault System
  • Ares - Copyright Infringement System
  • Applehealth - Hospital Management System

Even in Neural IT, our internal HR system, is built on Prakriya. This allows us to constantly and continually improve its range of usage while bettering its present features.