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Johnson & Johnson announced an $8.9 billion settlement offer to address hundreds of lawsuits brought by patients alleging that the company's talc-containing products caused cancer, quadrupling a prior settlement offer.

The suggestion was announced in a news release by the health and consumer goods industry. The proposed payment is $6.9 billion greater than its prior offer in connection with its LTL Management unit's bankruptcy case in 2021. In recent years, a flood of lawsuits has been brought by women alleging that J&J's baby powder caused ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, a disease that affects the lungs and other organs. The proposed settlement has the support of almost 60,000 people who have sued J&J.

According to plaintiffs' law firms, the newly announced settlement represents a huge win for the tens of thousands of women suffering from gynaecological malignancies caused by J&J's talc-based products. According to the provisions of the agreement, all talc claimants will be able to have their claims investigated and assessed within one year of plan confirmation, providing victims of the company's malfeasance a quick and effective settlement. J&J maintains its denial that their talcum powder causes any health hazards, claiming that the settlement offer is not an admission of guilt.

The corporation maintains that these assertions are bogus and lack scientific support. Yet, as the bankruptcy court acknowledged, settling these disputes in tort would take decades and impose substantial expenses on LTL and the system, with the majority of claimants never obtaining any compensation, according to the plaintiff's counsel. The counsel requested the court to dismiss the bankruptcy of LTL Management. The bankruptcy court must now approve the proposed deal.

According to the attorney for the talc claimants' group, the previous time J&J attempted this, they told the world that $2 billion was more than enough to settle these claims. The $9 billion offer made today demonstrates that the previous figure was absurd, the preceding bankruptcy petition was a hoax, and the entire operation was an abuse of the bankruptcy system. The court of appeals concurred, and their lawsuit was rejected. After about an hour, they discovered $7 billion in the corporation in seat cushions.

Lawsuits against J&J have contributed to a drop in sales of its talcum-based baby powder, and the firm announced last year that it will discontinue distributing the product globally.

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