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How Can Neural IT Help Here?

Our team keeps updating the information as and when medical records or other proofs become available.
Our team of voice experts can also contact plaintiffs if any portion of PFS is incomplete, blank, or incorrect and get complete information along with validation if required.
Our PFS Team is thoroughly adept at entering Fact Sheets directly through MDL Centrality.
We provide satisfying responses to any deficiency notification that comes from the MDL with specified deadlines.

Benefits Of Outsourcing To Neural IT

Team receives scanned medical documents
Documents are bate stamped and bookmarked
Missing events/details are identified- Request forwarded
We contact plaintiffs for complete information / validation
PFS questionnaire form is filled with relevant details


Do You Assure Acceptance Of PFS Forms Filled At Your End?

No, Neural IT only processes the PFS as per data made available. The accuracy and validity of PFS will be with the filing authority.

What Will Be The Fees To Get The Form Filled?

It will be billed $15 per hour.

What Is The Turn around Time For A Form To Be Filled?

3-4 hours.

Is Neural IT Team Competent To Fill The Details As Required By The Court’s Format?


I Do Not Have A Paralegal To Assist Me, Will You Sort The Documents Relevant To My Case For PFS Filing?


Will You Provide The Medical Record/Billing Summary In Chronological Order On The Basis Of Timely Events?


Do You Have A PFS Sample For A Mass Tort Drug/Device/Other Torts?


If I Do Not Use Your Services Anymore Or Change My Mind For Various Reasons, What Happens To My Money?


I Am Concerned About The Confidential Documents Of My Client, Which Security Measures Do You Follow?

Entrust - a secured application.

I Would Like To First Try A Sample Before Transferring Money To Your Account, Is It Possible?

Yes 2 samples will be free

How Should I Pay For The Charges?


What Will Be The Mode Of Receiving My Documents?


What If I Get Incomplete Records?

 We can always update the PFS post submission.

How Does The Billing Take Place, Weekly/Monthly Basis Or Case Basis?


How Many PFS Forms Have You Filed Successfully?

More than 2000

In What Format Is The PFS Shared?

Depends upon client requirement, it can be PDF, PDF Fillable format, Word document, RTF.

What If We Get Additional Data After Few Months The PFS Form Is Worked On?

Neural IT will update the earlier PFS with additional data and re-submit the form.

Our Legal Drafting Services    
start @ $25 per hour.