Medical Record Review

"A Critical Review Makes You Evaluate Your Every Move."

In medical malpractice, negligence, mass tort and personal injury cases, the validity of claims is established through examining the medical records. This requires the records to be thoroughly analyzed for attorneys to litigate the cases with equal expertise and proficiency.

Medical-Record-legal system

Medical records contain vital information regarding patients’ diagnosis, medication, medical and social history, lab tests, and evaluations done by medical professionals. The unsaid facts, events may help changing the entire understanding of the case or the face of the case which can be a challenge at times for attorneys, wherein Neural IT can provide the much-needed assistance and support. A minuscule help can turn out to be an expediting step!

Attorney’s Basic Requirements

For mass tort cases, a focused and thorough medical review to identify the validity of Proof of Usage to the Proof of Injury is a basic necessity. It helps to know the eligibility of the case, and accordingly, attorneys can estimate the worth of the case.

For personal injury or tort claim, regardless of its basis whether intentional, negligence or strict liability, liability and damages have to be established to be awarded compensation by the court. The lawyer has to ascertain was the defendant liable for the damages sustained, and, if so, what was the nature and extent of the damages. To meet these motives, lawyers need to get a clear and sequential understanding of medical records concerning all the minor and major medical events in that period.

Difficulties in Medical Review

  • Numerous Volume in an unorganized manner
  • Ruling out other responsible factors
  • Relevancy of medical records
  • Complicated situations in medical course
  • Time-consuming
  • Expertise in the medical field
  • Finding out the lag or missing records

Our services include the following:

1. Bookmarking and Tagging: Medical records are read thoroughly and all the relevant medical events are highlighted and tagged with notes.

2. Analysis: After bookmarking and tagging, all the medical events are arranged in a chronological order which helps to understand the course of a personal injury case. For mass torts, it helps to identify the proof of usage and injury.

3. Identify the Missing elements: A chronologically arranged case helps to identify the missing medical records which may be needed to make the case strong.

4. Identify the validity/eligibility: A final conclusion on the case can be derived once the entire set of medical records are analyzed and all the missing records are reviewed.

5. Expert Opinion: This aids attorneys to gauge the future of the case concerning the quality of life, expenses incurred or worth of the legal case or amount of compensation.

Neural IT Benefits

Secure Web-Based Technology

Medical Expertise

Multiple revisions and updates possible

Customized Deliverables

Round the clock support

Transparency and timely communication


Saves Time


Medical record review means screening the given records to highlight and capture all the relevant evidence of usage of drug/device, injuries, medical events along with medical provider/facility, date, time details.

We approximately are able to cover 35- 40 pages per hour depending upon the requirement and complexity of cases.

Through our complementary web portal- Entrust

Pricing at $25/hr

You can share the criteria required either in the form of a spreadsheet or email the details to us. We will make a customized review sheet and provide you the data.

The medical review report generated is chronologically arranged, book marked, tagged and bate stamped to highlight key alleged injuries and proof.

The chronologically arranged medical record reports identify the validity of Proof of Usage to the Proof of Injury that helps to know the eligibility of the case helping attorneys estimate the worth of the case.

Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Mass Torts

Neural IT is ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA Compliant Company ensuring a complete secure channel.

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