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Reports Are Organized In Chronological Order

Coherent view of the medical history
Easy to review and analyze
Quickly find relevant information in the record
Speedy response to legal proceedings
Bookmarked and bates stamped pages
Allows faster case preparation and presentation
Summarizing, indexing, and search tools in place
Backup of all records

Types Of Records Requested

Physician Notes
Visit Notes
Radiology Records
Operative Notes
Anesthesia Notes
Billing Records
Emergency Notes
Pharmacy Records
Physiotherapy Notes
Gynecology Visit Notes
Psychology Notes
Delivery Notes
Occupational Therapy Notes

Benefits Of Outsourcing To Neural IT

Saves you time & money
Better resource allocation
Speeds up the entire retrieval process
Track every request
An automated way to flag problems
Shorter turnaround times
Missing records identification
HIPAA Compliant


How are the records retrieved?

Records can be retrieved via mail, fax, CD, pendrive, secured emails

So, will I get my records immediately?

It depends upon the medical facility, generally turn around is 5 days to 30 days.

How do I authorize you for retrieving records?

By signing a Letter of Representation, between Neural IT and your organization

Will my patients’ information be secure?

Yes, information is secured and protected under HIPAA Authorization. Any violation is an offence.

Which countries are covered for records retrieval?


I need my records right now, can you help?

We can try using Rush services of Neural IT. Rush services are charged more than normal as they include quick follow ups and actions.

Who can see my data?

Medical Provider, Neural IT and your organization, only these 3 parties have access to the information.

Where do I start ?

By registering on Entrust.

How do I ask another question that isn't listed here?

How does the billing take place, weekly/monthly basis or case basis?


What if I never get records?

When a request is placed, and due to some reason no medical records are retrieved, the request is cancelled and you will be charged a cancel fee. The appropriate reason for non-availability of medical records will be provided to you via a documented proof from that specific medical facility.

What is the fee charged ?

Every request is charged at $30 and when cancelled it is charged at $15. A certain deposit amount is needed to begin this service. This fee does not include medical provider charges and quality analysis charges.

Will I be charged even if I do not get any records?

When a request is placed all efforts are taken by Neural IT to process the request and get the relevant medical records, in case no records are available, the request fee is charged. At times, the medical provider also charge for processing the request so though they are not able to retrieve records, some charges are applied for the service provided.

How should I pay for the charges?

It is a one time deposit amount with Neural IT which Neural IT uses for paying all the charges, a monthly invoice with all the details will be mailed to you.

Will I get proper invoices for my retrieval services?

Yes, a detailed invoice mentioning every request charge, medical provider charge and quality analysis charge will be provided at the end of every month.

What will be the mode of receiving my documents?

Entrust is a secured application used by Neural IT for sending, exchanging all the records. These retrieved medical records will be sent via Entrust.

What if I get incomplete records?

The medical records once retrieved go through the process of quality analysis, where there is a thorough check done of what is requested and what is received. In any case, a lag is identified, quality concerns are raised with the medical facility and proper follow up is maintained until the desired output is achieved.

When does the charge get applied; before I get the records or after I get the records?

At times, facilities demand pre-payment and then they release medical records, in such scenarios you will be charged first. Rest of the times, it is a post-payment, where medical records arrive first and then payment is done.

How frequently do you follow up once records are requested?

Follow up is done on the 7th day, 15th day, 20th day, 25th day and 30th day. Post 30th day, a notice is sent to the medical facility for delay, provided it is a Hitech request.

Will I get an authorized document from medical facility for No Records?


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