Medical Record Retrieval

"Poor records mean poor defense, no records mean no defense" - National Consumer Commission

Neural IT provides Medical Record Retrieval services to Mass Torts and Personal Injury law firms encompassing medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury, workers compensation, and other medical-related cases.

Our vision is to be the industry leader in this arena having direct access to physicians, clinics or hospitals to speedily secure the required information.

We understand that medical records are the backbone of building a strong case. Our medical record retrieval service is efficiently designed to retrieve accurate medical information with the widest possible reach to get cases trial-ready faster.


Medical Record Retrieval is a tedious and time-consuming task requiring a team of experts to understand the kind of information contained, requested, and discovered from medical records.

Neural IT’s on-demand retrieval has a well-trained team working on requesting the identified documents with an extensive network of medical providers ensuring a quick and secure retrieval process.

As we provide services like Demand Letter drafting, medical record reviews, we are very well aware of how crucial healthcare records are for business associates such as law firms. The attorneys always require valid and relevant healthcare documentation for their legal cases and claims.

Medical Records Retrieval is a very time-consuming and patience-testing process. Attorneys, their paralegals, and team members have to spend their valued time just following up for the records. The medical facilities/providers are less responsive or demanding when it comes to fulfilling the requests, especially when it is a third-party request. That’s where we can benefit them by providing efficient medical record retrieval solutions by freeing up their time so that they’re able to focus on core competencies. Outsourcing retrieval tasks will not only improve your work process but also provide better turnaround, which can save your business money over time, ultimately help you and your team pull in more volume of work from your customers. We have developed an automated, technologically-driven powerful, and reliable portal that makes outsourcing seamless.


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Reports are Organized in Chronological Order

Coherent view of the medical history

Easy to review and analyze

Quickly find relevant information in the record

Speedy response to legal proceedings

Bookmarked and bates stamped pages

Allows faster case preparation and presentation

Summarizing, indexing, and search tools in place

Backup of all records

Types of Records Requested

    1. Physician Notes
    2. Visit Notes
    3. Radiology Records
    4. Operative Notes
    5. Anesthesia Notes
    6. Billing Records
    7. Emergency Notes
    8. Pharmacy Records
    9. Physiotherapy Notes
    10. Occupational Therapy Notes
    11. Psychology Notes
    12. Delivery Notes
    13. Gynecology Visit Notes


Authorization Template - In some instances, medical facilities have their template of Authorization. We at Neural IT are very prompt in understanding these requirements before we place a request. The medical facility-specific authorizations are prepared, well-formatted and then these requests are placed. This again saves a lot of time and fastens the medical request process.

Prepayments – Some medical facilities have a standard fee for requesting medical records, and they expect the customers to pay the fee before along with the authorization. We at Neural IT have developed a database of such facilities, so we are well aware. While requesting medical records from these facilities, we always make an effort to send them their pre-payment check so the process isn't delayed unnecessarily. In many cases, we call up the facility and ask if they require a prepayment and then process the request.

Mailing Requests – Some medical facilities have a hard and fast rule of accepting requests and payment via mail only. Neural IT has made a special provision where we can mail the requirements using USPS. These USPS posts are then tracked regularly using the USPS Numbers and followed up. There is no additional cost incurred for these mail requests.

Specific Requirements – Attorneys at times require some specific type of record, date-wise or medical provider-wise. We at Neural IT make it a point to check the received medical records to validate that the requirement is fulfilled. If not, we follow up with the medical facility till we get a satisfactory response or the requirement is fulfilled.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Neural IT

Saves you time & money

Better resource allocation

Speeds up the entire retrieval process

Track every request

An automated way to flag problems

Shorter turnaround times

Missing records identification

HIPAA Compliant

Checklist before Outsourcing

All records in digital form and with proper backup facility
Speeds up the entire retrieval process
Ability to identify and request only specific records
Track all costs by case and individual for billing
Optimal resources utilization
Reducing turnaround time
Minimizing provider inconvenience

Our Team

Experienced and well-trained on communicating with medical records custodians at hospitals, clinics and physician offices.

Customer Service Team
Data Entry team
Initial Contact / Verification Team
Follow Up/Record Retrieval Team
Quality Assurance Team

Digital Format

This completely seamless online digital process is designed to manage huge volumes of medical records. A complete end to end workflow solution, meeting the challenges of maintaining relevancy, delivery deadlines, data security with unprecedented client satisfaction rates.

Why go Digital?

Medical records are required for legal settlements, lawsuits preparations, insurance purposes, as proof to be presented in medical-legal cases. Generally, only medical facilities have access to these records. This service helps us get the required medical records from medical facilities in a valid and authorized way.

  • Original integrity of the document is never compromised.
  • Searching is easy and quick to find the relevant information.
  • Sharing is simple, fast, inexpensive with thorough confidentiality and privacy.
  • Cloud-based storage saves infrastructure storage space.
  • Multiple ways of organizing records, such as chronologically for a coherent view of the medical history and category.
  • Complete secure protection ensures records being accessed by unauthorized individuals including data tampering or theft.


Records can be retrieved via mail, fax, CD, pendrive, secured emails

It depends upon the medical facility, generally turn around is 5 days to 30 days.

By signing a Letter of Representation, between Neural IT and your organization.

Yes, information is secured and protected under HIPAA Authorization. Any violation is an offence.

We can try using Rush services of Neural IT. Rush services are charged more than normal as they include quick follow ups and actions.

Medical Provider, Neural IT and your organization, only these 3 parties have access to the information.

By registering on Entrust.

Mail us at infoatneuralit [dot] com (subject: )

When a request is placed, and due to some reason no medical records are retrieved, the request is cancelled and you will be charged a cancel fee. The appropriate reason for non-availability of medical records will be provided to you via a documented proof from that specific medical facility.

Every request is charged as $25 and when cancelled it is charged as $10. A certain deposit amount is needed to begin this service. This fee does not include medical provider charges and quality analysis charges.

When a request is placed all efforts are taken by Neural IT to process the request and get the relevant medical records, in case no records are available, the request fee is charged. At times, the medical provider also charge for processing the request so though they are not able to retrieve records, some charges are applied for the service provided.

It is a one time deposit amount with Neural IT which Neural IT uses for paying all the charges, a monthly invoice with all the details will be mailed to you.

Yes, a detailed invoice mentioning every request charge, medical provider charge and quality analysis charge will be provided at the end of every month.

Entrust is a secured application used by Neural IT for sending, exchanging all the records. These retrieved medical records will be sent via Entrust.

The medical records once retrieved go through the process of quality analysis, where there is a thorough check done of what is requested and what is received. In any case, a lag is identified, quality concerns are raised with the medical facility and proper follow up is maintained until the desired output is achieved.

At times, facilities demand pre-payment and then they release medical records, in such scenarios you will be charged first. Rest of the times, it is a post-payment, where medical records arrive first and then payment is done.

Follow up is done on the 7th day, 15th day, 20th day, 25th day and 30th day. Post 30th day, a notice is sent to the medical facility for delay, provided it is a Hitech request.


Our Medical Record Retrieval services start @ $25 per request

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