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At Neural IT, Who Drafts Rebuttals?

Medical Doctors.

Is The Deadline For Rebuttals Maintained?

Deliveries are done as per clients requirement.

Which Types Of Services Are Covered At Neural IT For Drafting Rebuttals?

We provide services to mass torts and personal injury law firms encompassing medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury, workers compensation, and other medical-related cases.

What Are The Specialties Of Neural IT's Drafted Rebuttals?

We draft rebuttals in accordance with peer points and make use of supporting literature.

How Can We Exchange The Relevant Records With Your Firm?

Using our complimentary web portal "Entrust" that accompanies our services.

What Documents Are Required To Draft A Rebuttal?

Bills, denials, medical records, peer review reports, IME reports, and NF forms.

How Will You Deliver The Ready Rebuttal?

Ready rebuttals will be delivered through "Entrust" our complimentary web portal that accompanies our services.

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