Doctors and healthcare professionals dictate notes for patients' records in a voice format, and accurately transcribing these audio files is important as it serves many purposes. A transcriptionist should have the expertise to understand unfamiliar medical and legal terminologies, which is the toughest part of Medical-Legal Transcription.


Outsourcing Medical-Legal Transcription service proves to be a feasible, time-saving, and cost-effective method to get access to qualified transcriptionists. At Neural IT, we strive to provide high-quality Medical-Legal Transcription service to our clients at competitive rates and accurate results.

The Requirement Of Transcribed Documents

There are clear benefits associated with the use of professional Medical-Legal Transcription service, such as:

  • Insurance companies require doctors' notes in a transcribed format as it is easier to complete an accurate and thorough search.
  • The transcribed documents can act as a key piece of information to resolve a legal case.
  • The written format would be more efficient when someone needs to review the doctors' records or browse through the case.

The Need For Reliable & Accurate Services

  • The Medical-Legal Transcription service demand is advancing since the past decade as insurance requirements, legal provisions, and the general trend towards moving records into a digital format has increased.
  • Numerous service providers have cropped up to meet this requirement, some offering ultra-low rates with pretentious services.
  • One simply cannot trust the accuracy of the records transcribed by a provider that cannot be relied on.
  • By joining hands with Neural IT, you would never have to compromise on accuracy, speed, or thoroughness at any level.

Our Workflow



After registering for our service through Entrust, our complementary web portal, clients can upload all the records that need to be worked on, or our team will notify the clients of any requirements.



The audio files are transcribed by our expert transcriptionists, and to ensure quality and security, our team is well-equipped with the latest in-house technologies.



The transcribed files then undergo several rounds of quality checks to render error-free reports to the clients, as we understand the importance of medical records.



The transcribed files, after quality checks, are uploaded on our web portal, Entrust, through which our clients can access or download them.

Why Outsource To Neural IT?

  • Our round-the-clock operations ensure timely delivery.
  • Our services will enable you and your team to focus on core areas.
  • Our free samples of work will help you decide about our services.
  • Our Pricing & Quality makes us stand out from other contemporaries.
  • Our Medical & Legal Professionals are up to date with the latest practices.
  • Our complementary web portal, Entrust, will help you to keep track of your assignments.

Our Security Standards



We provide litigation services to all law firms and attorneys across the U.S.

We are ISO Certified and HIPAA Compliant organization.

We have a team comprising of Medical Doctors and Lawyers to handle all your medical-legal cases.

By registering on Entrust - our complementary web portal that accompanies our services.

Apart from providing cost-effective services, we work according to a different time zone, which gives us a competitive advantage.

You can mail us at [email protected], or our chat representative on the website will help you.

Our Legal Drafting Services start @ $25 per hour & Data Entry Services start @ $10 per hour.