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Neural IT offers a variety of 'technology-based' products and services; this will make your business more efficient. Outsourcing your company's technology-based needs can increase employee productivity without reallocating essential resources. Neural IT can cater to this need with utmost attention to detail. Find out how can we help you by contacting us now.

Entrust - Web Portal For Lawyers

It is an invaluable tool that includes up-to-the-minute assignment tracking, up-to-the-minute billing details, calendaring, and an unprecedented level of organization. Entrust is designed to ease business communication and transactions with our clients. Our focus remains to elevate customer experience boosting the highest level of productivity and maintaining transparency throughout.

Hoshi HRMS

Hoshi HRMS transforms HR management for SMEs in India, offering a streamlined solution for payroll, tax, attendance, employee self-service and data security. Tailored for Human Resource Professionals, it ensures operational efficiency with a private cloud for enhanced security and control.

Docutame - Document Management System

Here’s What Docutame Has In Store For Your Organization

FlexiLms - Learning Management System

Here’s What FlexiLMS Has In Store For You

Meta Serve - Process Server Management

Gone are the days wherein process serving was a difficult task to manage. Neural IT has created a robust management system for process serving companies through which process servers can be easily tracked and managed via a portal and mobile devices. The website hosted at our end can be easily logged in from any corner of the world and the process serving jobs can be assigned to your process servers in seconds. Once logged, you can track the progress of the server on the field and easily manage the assignments for greater efficiency.

Monster Scan - Document Scanning Solution

MonsterScan is a TWAIN based high-speed scanning application which provides features such as Barcode Generation, Batch Scan by Barcode, Scanning directly into the file, TIFF / PDF Generation, etc.

In today's scenario of immense complexities, major document related issues are faced by large, mid-sized and small corporations. It is quintessential that a document scanning software should support a company's document management system by addressing issues of document location/storage, document filing, document retrieval, document security, document recovery (in case of destruction from fires, floods or natural disasters), document archiving (for future readability), document distribution (amongst various users), document creation and authentication.

Adapt - Case Management System

Repetitive processes allow a flexibility to ease workflow pressures and ensure a certain efficiency within the defined parameters. With Adapt, our specially designed Case Management system, we have facilitated built-in modules for Work Flow Management, Finance Management, Report Generation, Complex Document Merging with Image Management, Mass Emailing, Faxing and Integrating with allied businesses and network partners.

Prakriya - Web Application Framework

Designed and developed by the technology team, Prakriya, our web application framework, which is 'process' in Sanskrit, is based on Drupal. The modular framework and content management system including the blogging engine of Drupal make it an extremely flexible software, ideal for customizing the solution to the clients' needs.

Saas based services

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NeuralSEC Assessments

SO 27001 is the international standard that is recognized globally for managing risks to the security of

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Apps have made Geography redundant and instant availability a constant. With our mobile apps, we

Software Development

We develop all web-based applications in PHP. Our Web Based Applications are mainly developed for clients who

Data Migration

The process of transferring data between formats, storage types and computer systems is Data

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