Neural IT's Claim Validation services help in sorting eligible, ineligible, and would-be eligible cases, purely from a medical point of view. Our relevantly experienced and qualified doctors are experts in identifying eligible and ineligible cases.The process involves reviewing the intake information, available medical records, and delivering a thorough and expert review with bare minimal tags to indicate the presence of Proof of Usage of Drugs/Devices and Proof of Injury.


Mass Torts cases are filed in large volumes. It is important and challenging for an attorney to pick cases that have higher chances of winning over cases that are weakly supported. Neural IT provides a comprehensive platform for lawyers to reduce the volume by filtering out the cases that can proceed for litigation.

Advantages Of Claim Validation Services

  • Sorting large inventories in less amount of time and money.
  • A focused approach towards planning the inventory.
  • Filtered inventory of eligible cases.
  • Saves efforts and resources spent on ineligible cases.
  • Timely management helps in keeping the legal deadline.

Why Outsource To Neural IT?

1. Turn Around Time & Time Zone Advantage: We treat 'Time' as a valuable resource; our teams dedicatedly spend all their time and effort on cases to get the results we are looking for. The time-zone difference is a key advantage benefitting our clients as well as us, enabling better utilization of resources. This, in turn, saves costs, giving better revenue generation opportunities.

2. HIPAA/ISO Accreditations: We give utmost importance to the security of sensitive health records and personal information provided by our clients. We are HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified company with ISMS certification.

3. Technology Support: By joining hands with Neural IT, you get a steady set of notifications regarding your case progress through our complimentary web portal 'Entrust’. In addition to personal injury and mass tort cases, we also undertake legal work for Medical Malpractice cases. We are happy to assist you in the best possible way.

4. Skilled Medical Professionals: We have highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are well acquainted with U.S. law practices for various states.


Validating or sorting eligible, ineligible, and would-be eligible cases, purely from a med

Through our complementary web portal - Entrust.

Varied Mass Torts including drugs and devices.

Neural IT is ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA Compliant Company ensuring a secure channel.

Yes, we will give details for missing records, which can help in making the case valid.

Claim Validation is a process that helps identify whether the product was used or only the injury was present. A detailed medical review will do a point to point analysis of the relationship of product usage and injuries, which will also include past medical/surgical history, confounding factors, if any, and other complications. It will also contain a detailed chronology of events happening in the patient’s life.

It saves time and helps to sort the eligible cases from the mass tort inventory, which can be pursued by the attorneys.

Quick & Effective Claim Validation Services @ $25 Per Hour