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What Do You Mean By Claim Validation?

Validating or sorting eligible, ineligible, and would-be eligible cases, purely from a med

Who Does The Claim Validation?

Medical Doctors.

How Can I Share The Medical Records?

Through our complementary web portal - Entrust.

What Types Of Cases Are Medically Reviewed?

Varied Mass Torts including drugs and devices.

How Is Confidentiality Maintained?

Neural IT is ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA Compliant Company ensuring a secure channel.

Will You Let Us Know What Is Missing?

Yes, we will give details for missing records, which can help in making the case valid.

What Is The Difference Between Claim Validation And Medical Reviews?

Claim Validation is a process that helps identify whether the product was used or only the injury was present. A detailed medical review will do a point to point analysis of the relationship of product usage and injuries, which will also include past medical/surgical history, confounding factors, if any, and other complications. It will also contain a detailed chronology of events happening in the patient’s life.

Why Is Claim Validation Preferred?

It saves time and helps to sort the eligible cases from the mass tort inventory, which can be pursued by the attorneys.

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