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Intake & Data Entry Management

One of the most important parts of the client lifecycle is the Client intake process. In other words, the process of converting a prospect into a paying client is essentially what client intake can be defined as. It is the law firm's sales process in short. Very few law firms, despite knowing the importance of this very crucial sales process, have dedicated their resource planning, energy towards optimizing the series of steps involved to create a better client experience, increase the firm's efficiency leading to a higher sales conversion rate.

The negative impact of a poorly planned intake process can affect the entire business cycle of the law firm. Wastage of time, loss of revenue, disorganization are some of the major losses a law firm might face with a poorly developed intake process. On the other hand, a step towards improvisation can yield benefits like an improved conversion rate with higher client satisfaction. Information gathering is the crux of the client intake process. Thus information gathering step must be optimized in providing better legal services and a good conversion rate.

Important details like client names, amounts, business details, contact information, and other minute but important details related to specific client and matter are gathered during the client intake process. Though most often, standardized templates are opted for client correspondence, this client information gathering can prove to be quite tedious, and certain details might be wrongly logged or overseen by staff members manning hastily through the process making it prone to errors. Thus the entire client intake process can prove to be a test of professionalism and reputation where errors can be costly.

Neural IT intake services offer 100% surety of elimination of such errors. Neural IT intake services help cut down on non-billable admin hours and most importantly helps prevent embarrassing mistakes that can occur during the drafting process. Further, once intake and data entry is completed then the biggest thing to take into consideration at this point would be any key events or deadlines which might be coming up for the client’s case.

Your law firm can be exposed to some serious liability if these events are not recorded correctly. The most corrective measure to follow would be to use case management software, utilizing its scheduling and calendering features to plan deadlines or events and delegate the crucial tasks to staff members.

The Neural IT team can support your firm with all the case management tasks. Neural IT makes it simple to transition from managing a lead to managing a case. It’s easy to convert a “lead” into a “client” within Neural IT, and all the data you captured during the intake process can be entered to open a matter in case management software that’s ready for billing. You can be ensured of data consistency and duplicate data entry hurdles.

Our experienced intake team conducts data entry, calling, and drafting of case opening letters. Our efficient team is also acquainted with setting up personal injury claims with insurance companies. We draft all imperative letters, which notify about the personal injury claim to the employer, medical providers, insurance companies, and at-fault parties, and request the pertinent documents required to litigate the claim.

Our Services Include:

  • Intake and management
  • Drafting and automation correspondence
  • Data entry in matter management database
  • E-filing
  • Maintaining calendar


The Neural IT team of lawyers is well-trained to carry out legal research for statutes, stipulations, and pertinent cases by using a professional database. Our team of legal experts, hailing from diverse backgrounds, conducts quality research for clients by making use of their rich knowledge and experience garnered over the years. By using various research tools, the team sifts through large volumes of data. The team's skills are chiseled throughout the year by constant training planned to strengthen the member's analytical, research, and writing abilities. This helps the team to keep abreast of the constant change in the law and legal matters.

An Overview of Our Legal Research Services:

  • Litigation and non-litigation research
  • Statutory legal research
  • Case law research
  • Jury verdict and settlement research
  • Legal opinions

A wide array of resources are referred to while conducting legal research. Journals, periodicals, books, newspapers, case studies, relevant online references are some of the sources explored while conducting the research. The team's rich experience in legal subject matters helps to understand and retrieving relevant information. The quality check team ensures that relevant, reliable, and credible sources were referred to while conducting the research conducted. The legal research team conducts parallel case-specific research along with the main lawyer to ensure that no detail is left out in terms of research. Past case studies, verdicts, and judgments are thoroughly researched to estimate the outcome concerning the case.

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