Alabama Cities To Get $44M From Walmart Over Opioid Crisis

Alabama Attorney General informed that Walmart has agreed to a $44.2 million settlement with 270 Alabama town, city, and county governments regarding the effects of opioid addiction.

The settlement is the fifth of its kind, negotiated on behalf of the government entities by the attorney general's office. It is unclear how much money will be distributed to each government entity. Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile are among the cities on the list, as are Ashland, Camp Hill, Sipsey, and Yellow Bluff.

Walmart has denied any allegations of improper opioid distribution through its pharmacies. The AG's office also acknowledged Walmart's efforts to monitor opioid prescription dispensing.

Walmart will pay the government $35.7 million for opioid abatement, $3 million for technological improvements in Alabama's local court system, and $5.5 million in attorney fees, according to the agreement. Marshall stated that the technology funding will benefit district and circuit courts that have been hit hard by the effects of opioid addiction.

According to the attorney general, many of Alabama's cities and counties have been devastated by an opioid epidemic that began with prescription opioids and has progressed to illicit opioids such as heroin and fentanyl.

The attorney general also stated that fentanyl and other opioids were identified as the top drug threat in Alabama this year. The agreement with Walmart will provide an additional funding stream to our communities, providing immediate assistance in their fight against addiction and overdose.

Seven opioid-related defendants have been sued by the attorney general, which will need the defendants to pay more than $300 million as settlements to the state and local governments.

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