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Course Creation

The course creation tool allows you to develop interesting and interactive lessons for your users; the unique content created holds the attention of the user for long and keeps them committed to the program.

Supported by all the latest web browsers and mobile phones, this framework is extremely user-friendly allowing you to transform your thoughts and ideas into high-end quality content.

FlexiLMS is the latest, most competitive, and highly advanced learning management software in the market for Corporate Training to achieve your goals.

What are you waiting for? Start Now.

Say ‘YES’ To E-Commerce

Earn by selling online courses or setting up a virtual classroom. Provide subscription-based learning packages integrated with certification, group chats, and messaging facilities.

With all the necessary tools at your disposal, FlexiLMS enables you to reach out to a global market and create your own brand. The integrated features and functions allow you to create a perfect e-commerce product capable of establishing a flourishing business.

Start generating revenue by using this easy to use, totally secure e-commerce product.

Workforce Training

Install Learning Management System in your organization to the training and development of existing as well as new employees. This would benefit the people and the company equally to learn and improve.

Progress stops when learning stops. Today employers have to make sure that their employees are continuously fed the necessary skills and knowledge to in turn support their businesses growth. Employees themselves want to stay ahead, be successful and competitive at the workplace.

Easy Assessment & Report Generation

Monitor your team or students’ learning progress in a single dashboard and get a full picture of the training status; easily create reports and certificates for each session. FlexiLMS stands by its name, giving you the right flexibility to plan the courseware, analyze and assess the progress of each trainee member, store records and create reports. The certification feature is designed to acknowledge evidence of learning on completion of the course making FlexiLMS the ideal choice for teachers, trainers and coaches. The simplest way to plan, create, certify, compare and record performance of trainee members.

Connect With Peers Through Chat

FlexiLMS allows trainee students to discuss doubts and new ideas through the group chat system. Tutors can mass notify in real time to inform the batch about upcoming sessions, updates, and cancellations. This two-way communication aids in creating interactive training sessions that increase the engagement levels by directly communicating with the trainees in real time.

Designed specially to beat the challenges of geo-barriers, training can be imparted inter as well as intraoffice by this simple effective feature. This cost-saving tool can be your weapon to maximize learnings, clarify doubts on the spot and create a well-informed workforce.