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Data Migration

The process of transferring data between formats, storage types and computer systems is Data Migration.The biggest challenge in Data Migration is the handling of business-critical information. While we have a well-defined process that takes into account software used in legacy systems, we also ensure the levels of progress in migration are safety-led.

We cover the full spectrum - from understanding and decoding the varied parameters of both, the software used and its utility in your processes right up to the final adapting of your entire systems with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our services keep your business moving even as the software gets upgraded to the next-generation systems.

The process in detail covers: Study of the Legacy System, Research of Database File Format, Reverse Engineering, Data Extraction, Cleansing, Scripts to Automate Transfers, Data Integrity, Module Cross-check and Finalization, Verification, Partial Transition, Complete Migration. Our expertise lies in adding to the ease of migration while also providing the efficacy of new-age software solutions. This not only improves data quality but also helps eliminate redundant or obsolete information.

Applications of moderate to high complexity are created and adapted module-wise to make the final migration solution future-ready.