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Experts in Simplifying HR and Payroll Process

Hoshi is designed to meet the changing requirements of the corporate world and assists in providing synchronized HR functioning in an organization.


What is Hoshi?

Hoshi is an efficient HR Management & Payroll Software. Hoshi is a SaaS-based complete HR software, built to help human resources professionals to become more proactive in their working to deal with employee management, payroll process, tax management, and much more.

Hoshi is a custom-built software that facilitates greater flexibility and control to the user. Such fluidity can be fundamental in handling the increasing workload and a large amount of data.

We understand your concerns about the data threat, hence we work on a private cloud to ensure flexibility, 30-degree security, and total control benefit. It is more useful and economical than the public cloud.

Hoshi allows HRs to manage and maintain employees' attendance virtually. The software is made in such a way that it automates payroll as attendance is thoroughly synchronised with the payroll to process error-free salaries. Hoshi will help to help your business efficiently by automating functions, engaging the workforce, and reducing the HR professionals' workload. Its spectacular features include payroll and tax management, attendance and leave management, asset management, document management, etc.

Employee Management Made Easy!

Manage frequent queries from employees on a common Employee Self Service (ESS) portal where notifications and messages appear for better communication with the employees. Alerts can be sent about any upcoming events or any process changes expected to happen. You get a dashboard view for all basic profile information about your employees. It will eventually lessen the HRs burden of managing the workforce and make the employees self-reliable at work. The software is precisely designed to act as a bridge between the HR department and the employees. ESS will eliminate the need for in-person meeting thus making it more convenient for the employees and the HR professionals.


Automated Attendance Management

Reduce the month-end and annual workload of mass attendance upload, with Hoshi. Capture real-time attendance from varied sources like biometric, swipe machine and also a geo-location-based tracking system. Attendance is precisely synchronised with the payroll that enables automated payroll for a better user experience. Every minute detail is accurately stored on the cloud-based system of the software which can be easily accessed at any time. Geolocation is devised in such a way that the software provides an accurate location of the employees who mark their attendance through the mobile app while working remotely or on the field. The software even allows making requests in case of short working hours or missed check-in or check-out.


Quick and Accurate Payroll Generation

In-built customizable salary structure provides flexibility to handle any type of salary format specific to your industry standards and employee strength. Hoshi offers a one-click payroll process to compute salary for all the employees. As attendance and payroll are synchronised it becomes easier for the HR professionals to process salaries. It allows processing salaries of all sizes of the workforce at a time with ease and speed. You can get rid of an age-old method of using formulas and spreadsheets for calculating salaries. The payroll reports generated through the software can be stored for a longer time.

Leave Tracking Mechanism

Forget tracking leaves approved/ rejected on emails and follow-up emails. The Leave Management module in Hoshi provides a Leave balance counter, leave policy details, leave history and all details an employee and an HR might ever need. Switch to a better Leave management mechanism with Hoshi. It will eventually save a lot of time and efforts. You can respond to a leave request even from a vacation through the Hoshi mobile app. This makes it more convenient for the HR professional to manage work and holidays.


Timely Reports and Analytics

With Hoshi, generating detailed instant reports can be done with a few clicks. Carry out daily, monthly and annual reporting process with complete ease. Set up reminder and notifications for keeping a tab on deadlines for all reports. Create and send multiple reports securely on-cloud. Hoshi being a cloud-based HR software, allows you to store large data precisely with easy access. It also ensures accuracy and complete data privacy without compromising on quality. The private cloud of Hoshi is one of the best in the market in terms of privacy so you can simply rely upon it with your data. The cloud even provides a complete backup for your comfort which is another added advantage.



Cost and Time Effective Software

Handover your payroll and employee management tasks to Hoshi, so you can focus on other tasks better. Generating reports, sending emails and many other tasks can be automated as per your requirements. Automated processes will save a lot of time and process accurate outcomes. We offer reasonable deals as per our client's needs and business.


Simplified HR Solutions

Our software is easy to use and implement in any small, medium or large-scale organization. The system includes dedicated modules for all kinds of leave management, attendance management, payroll generation, policy updates and statutory compliance processes. Moreover, the system is precisely designed to simplify hectic and complicated tasks. The software enables users with faster processing and simple computing.


Geo-Location Check-in/ Check-out

With access to Hoshi mobile application employers and employees can manage work from home strategies in an organized manner. The application provides geo-location based check-in and check-out options for a better control over onsite employees and field-based job profiles. It captures a precise location with the accurate time of every employee.


Fully Customizable

Every business is different and so are their needs and goals. Hoshi can be molded as per your current and future goals. HR functions can be defined for various forms and templates used for different administrative purposes. We allow you to eliminate unwanted features from your package so that you do not have to pay for the extra features which you do not need. It will eventually help in a tailored budget for you.


Go Paperless. Store Digitally

Hoshi allows you to have a comprehensive platform for all HR functions. No need to Store Piles of Bulky Files. Embrace a Paperless approach and Store all Documents digitally. Clear the clutter and work better. Go paperless and contribute your share towards saving the environment. Digital storage will ensure the longtime accumulation of the data so that you can never be sorry for the misplacement of an old document. Digital storage will protect the data from theft and mishandling as paper documents are more vulnerable to such factors.


Lifetime Support

We offer free support for any queries and change management required at your organisation. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or add-on features on the current software. A dedicated team of professionals are always prompt to help you. We will suggest you the best offers and add-ons as per your needs and current package for the betterment of your business.

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