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Medical Chronologies and Narrative Summaries


Medical-Legal analysis requires expertise along with a considerable amount of patience and scrutiny as it involves a detailed and microscopic study of a large number of medical records. Litigations involving Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Premise Liability such as Slip and Fall are all based on negligence and lapses leading to deteriorated health or loss of life. Right from incidence, to causation of the injury and treatment or fatality a detailed and accurate account of events is crucial to building a case from a legal standpoint. To start with arranging records from various providers, then reading those chronologically to ascertain completeness of information is crucial.

Challenges in Medical-Legal Analysis

  • Volume and Variety of medical records
  • Incompleteness of medical records
  • Difficulty in understanding handwritten records
  • Non-availability of all the records at one time
  • Highlighting and Identifying relevant medical events
  • Listing medical events in the chronology
  • Organizing medical records for referencing

With all the above challenges, reviewing medical records becomes a tedious, exhaustive and cost-sensitive task for litigators. To overcome these challenges, a comprehensive understanding of different types of medical reports, a well-developed 360-degree thought process, a thorough understanding of medical issues with an urge to get desired justice to the case are prerequisites.

At Neural IT, every medical record is reviewed systematically with a legal perspective and focus on the medical issue. Our medical experts have the skill sets to overcome challenges in the medical-legal analysis, supported with an indigenously designed online secured system for Medical Record Review processing.

Unique Service features:

  • Collaboration through Secured, Restricted and HIPAA-compliant online portal
  • Ease of uploading, sharing, and downloading individual/mass documents
  • Responsive Staff and agile system for Customized report generation
  • A Consistency of reviews conducted
  • Bates, Bookmarks, and Tagged Medical Records for easy navigation
  • Hyperlinked Index report
  • Timeline of events in Excel format
  • Narrative summary of all events in Word format

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