At Neural IT, we believe that legal drafting, analysis, and documentation are integral parts of any legal case that require an exceptional amount of time and resources. Hence, we ensure to ease all your medical-legal activities with our services. Our team of professionals drafts Summons & Complaint with precision to draw the exact responses from the defendant, which in turn is the document filed next.


Summons & Complaint is the inception of any legal proceeding that presents the positions of both the plaintiff and the defendant. We have the expertise in drafting Summons & Complaint about different types of cases, including Auto Accident, General Negligence, Dog bite, Assault Battery, Municipal, Labor Law, Product Liability, Medical Negligence, Workers Compensation Case, etc.

Why Outsource Neural IT Complaint Drafting Services

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Are you looking for accurate and error-free complaint drafting services for your business? Are you searching for skilled and experienced complaint drafting experts to take care of your business requirements? Then you should outsource complaint drafting services to an excellent complaint drafting service provider. Neural IT is efficiently equipped to provide all your requirements regarding complaint drafting service. We have a team of skilled and experienced complaint drafting specialists to deliver the best for you. We ensure quality service by using the latest tools and technologies.

More about Complaints and How They Work
For those who are not advocates, a civil case is a legal document, that will be your guides in the movement. The need to identify the most important facts and the legal basis for the filing of a claim, as well as to the person or business to which the claimant believes is responsible for his/her loss, with the general facts of the complaint, the legal theories and, in most cases, have a specific request for monetary support. It also provides the legal basis for the filing of an action in a court of law (i.e., why is the court's view, the action of the court to hear the case.) The time for formal outfits, is gone. The application should be tailored to the specific facts of the case. Lawyers are not required to be set out in the statement of claim in each and every detail that is relevant to their application. However, it must be of a legal justification, and all of the required legal facts in support of legal recognition.

Basic Structure of Neural IT’s Summons and complaint:
The program displays the name of the event (the graph in the upper left-hand side of the page, to the page names), and the serial number of each claim has its own case identification number and the date of the submission of the documents to initiate with the Office of the Attorney General. The summons must state the name, address, and telephone number of plaintiff's attorney or unrepresented plaintiff.

The complaint describes the plaintiff's objection to defendant, and it contains a number of important statements to make them legal, that is relevant to the claim. Each of the accused was to take part in a crime that allegedly harmed the plaintiff. It's not an easy thing to say is that for some reason, everyone believes that he or she has been offended by someone else's behavior. The violation must have caused some kind of harm to the plaintiff. A person who is, for example, typically does not file a claim for the damage, just as a grocery store clerk, has spoken rudely to them. It shall start with a brief definition is provided by the applicant, and the name of the suspect. The claim of the plaintiff for the cost of a separate, numbered paragraphs. Each paragraph should be short and contain only a single statement. Further, the complaint must contain a short description of the events on which the conclusion is based on: what will he do it or not, the defendant, who, as a result of any damage that is caused to the plaintiff, as well as the type and amount of damage. The facts should be presented in chronological order, which includes specific data. The applicant is required to write the complaint, and, clearly, clearly and in an organized manner. Although the reason is assumed to be familiar with the main events, and the need to keep in mind is that the court did not know that they are not the problem. A complaint is a document in which the most important issues for the plaintiff in the case. In the complaint, it must end with a section in which the plaintiff to present its defence measures to be taken against the accused that he or she is required by the court.

Types Of Road Traffic Accidents Neural IT Covers

Our specialist team will help you to deal with Road Traffic Accidents' cases, no matter if the plaintiff is a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian and he/she is not at fault. The team will precisely help to draft summons and complaint.

  • Car Accident
  • Motorcycle and Cycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Road Accidents
  • Untraced or Uninsured Motorist Road Accident
  • Whiplash Injury Compensation

Accidents At Work Or In The Workplace/Work Related Illnesses

The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are not intentional, but a lot of it can be avoided. Employers are required to make sure that your method of working is safe and secure, and the law requires employers to carry out regular health and safety risk assessment and the measures to be taken to the monitor, and the prevention of threats to its employees and visitors to their premises. Employers who neglect their health and safety responsibilities, you can bring it to employees, customers and communities at risk, and you may make a claim for work-related damages, regardless of whether or not you're working a full-time or part-time, temporary agency workers are hired through an agency, work as a self-employed person, performer, or even if you are just visiting on business at the time of the accident. The Neural IT team can make the following types of requests and complaints to this page:

  • Accidents on Building Sites and Construction Sites
  • Accidents working on the Docks
  • Farm Accidents and Illnesses
  • Manual Handling and Lifting Injuries, including Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Workplace Accidents including Trips and Slips
  • Faulty Machinery and Work Equipment
  • Inadequate Training, Instructions, Information or Supervision
  • Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Medical Malpractice

The mistakes made by medical professionals can occur in almost any setting, but some types of flaws are more common than others. However, the evidence is that there is an error, which is not sufficient to establish liability. The patient is required to demonstrate that the error will be subject to the relevant standard of care in the medical profession, and the damage is the direct result of his. In other words, it is the disappointment in the outcome of the procedure that shall not be a basis to conclude that medical negligence is a failure that does not cause actual harm to the patient. In order to prove the defendant's liability in favor of the plaintiff, it is necessary to provide an accurate and reliable complaint lodged by the defendant. Neural IT has a team of the specialist and experienced people who can prepare a complaint of all the types of incidents.

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical Errors and Anesthesia Errors
  • Medication Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Nursing home negligence

Trips, Slips And Accidents In Public Places

  • Accidents in shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants
  • Pavement trips and slips
  • Accidents in public places
  • Accidents in school or college

Other Accident

  • Serious and Complex Injury
  • Faulty Products and/or Services
  • Hairdressers/Beauty Therapy/Body Art
  • Dog Bites/Dog Attacks/Accidents caused by animals
  • Public Transport Accidents
  • Farm accidents and illnesses
  • Sports injury
  • Other accident and injury

We Precisely Cover The Following Details While Drafting Summons & Complaint:

  • The name of the type of court issuing the summons.
  • The name of the party receiving the summons.
  • The number assigned to the case by the court.
  • The names of the plaintiff and the defendant.
  • Details of what the case is about.
  • Covers all the acts and omission claims, making clear allegations.
  • Information for the defendant on when the summons must be responded to.
  • Information on how the person who receives the summons must respond.

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