New York School Districts To Get Over $3.6M From Juul Labs

Juul Labs Inc. will pay more than $3.6 million to 143 New York State school districts and BOCES to resolve charges that Juul "fraudulently and purposefully" promoted vaping devices to youngsters.

Juul is a San Francisco, California-based maker and seller of electronic nicotine vaporizers. The complaint seeks compensation for past and future student vaping-related losses, including money spent on vaping-related difficulties on campus.

According to the attorney representing the school districts, vaping among minors is an incredibly dangerous and ubiquitous problem that school district clients face on a daily basis. He went on to say how exciting it is that 143 of their clients choose to band together and join this mass-action lawsuit to speak for kids and taxpayers across the state. This agreement will go a long way towards assisting our communities and school systems in developing the resources required to tackle the youth vaping pandemic.

The agreement gives funds for schools to cover future expenditures. These costs include the installation of vape detectors in district bathrooms, the hiring of additional staff to supervise vaping areas on campus, the hiring of additional counselors to deal with the well-documented social and emotional issues associated with nicotine addiction, and the development and operation of educational programs about the dangers of vaping.

Individuals and families of Juul users, school districts, local governments, and Native American tribes are among the plaintiffs in the nationwide lawsuit filed against Juul Laboratories Inc.

Juul Labs did not reply promptly to this settlement. Juul issued an update on the status of Juul products in the US market on its website. According to the letter, Juul Labs will continue to appropriately advertise its products in the United States. We remain confident in our research and data, and we are exploring all legal and regulatory avenues to further our objective.

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