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Outsourcing helps you augment your staff, be more efficient, add economy of scale, and be client focused without worrying about the hiring process, added infrastructure cost, and the changing workload of your business. It is a preferred option for most companies because it provides you with reliability, decreased overhead cost, and services are tailored to meet your unique needs on a daily basis.

Neural IT offers service in medical-legal outsourcing, legal process outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and voice process outsourcing. We provide these types of outsourcing services to law firms throughout the USA and would like you to be one of our valued clients.

At Neural IT, we value accuracy and reliability. Our employees will dedicate themselves to meeting your deadlines seamlessly. Contact us today to see how we can assist your company.

Medical-Legal Outsourcing

Regardless of the areas of practice or the specialized focus of your firm, it is highly possible that you will feel the need for outside services to keep up with your workload. Neural IT offers you the best experience possible in medical-legal outsourcing services. We understand that your business may regularly need the use of transcription services with results to be accurate, complete and entirely cost-effective. We also understand that your need for services does not end there as you may need assistance with data research and retrieval, in tagging files with digital notations, and other related services like creating demand letters, rebuttals or plaintiff fact sheets. Because we understand the unique needs of our clients, we have tailored our services to meet your needs.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Neural IT provides high-quality legal process outsourcing services to law firms across the USA. We assist our clients to focus valuable time and resources on the substance of their cases rather than the physical act of constructing, organizing and managing their legal papers. Our experienced and trained team, comprising of Indian lawyers and paralegals, ensures that you receive a proficient service.

Our LPO Service team is highly skilled in legal drafting and analysis. We will function as your back-office legal services and efficiently manage your legal requirements: drafting, documentation, research, and analysis.

By outsourcing your legal needs to us, you will save time and costs to a great extent.

Business Process Outsourcing

Neural IT with excellent staff on board has partnered with leading law firms to support them on various fronts. Right from generating new claims, the association of incoming documents, payment processing and merging of outgoing documents, Neural IT has provided end to end solution to its clientele. Hiring new paralegals is something that hasn’t bothered our clients from the time Neural IT has partnered with them. Blessed with a different time zone, Neural IT process the work overnight so when the law firm looks at starting their operations next morning, they have everything ready in their hands. Right from the reconciliation of whatever was assigned, we also provide custom reports to each department, which proves that they are always in safe hands when it comes to dealing with our services.

Voice Process Outsourcing

As a business owner, you must find cost-effective ways to resolve the most pressing business-related challenges. At Neural IT, we have created an effective range of services and solutions designed to meet your business' medical-legal needs assuring great results. Our highly skilled and thoroughly experienced team is capable of scaling our services to meet your needs. While we offer a full range of services, one area that may be particularly beneficial to you relates to voice process outsourcing services.

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