In today’s multi-channel environment, voice remains the most preferred means of communication to establish a positive and long-lasting contact. Initiating and establishing contact is a prime need for every business. Be it any kind of business, some basic needs like understanding things in details, clarification of queries, speaking in real time to some knowledgeable person builds more trust and positivity.

We, at Neural IT, understand this and have thereby created and designed an effective range of both inbound and outbound services and solutions to cater to your business needs and help you achieve great results. Our highly competent trained professionals can tailor our services to meet your needs. Each of our specialists is certified and trained to be respectful and courteous to your valued clientele while also being effective at producing the results you need. We cater to the most respected and established agencies and corporations in the country and are fully compliant with the applicable local and federal rules and regulations.


  • Wide range of services across multiple domains like medical, insurance, finance, medical-legal, customer care
  • Advanced and latest Technology
  • Highly experienced and productive resources
  • Quality services at the most cost-effective rate
  • Effective turnaround time
  • HIPAA Complaint

Some Of Our Offerings

When your company attempts to collect accounts receivable payments that are outstanding, you may utilize the contact information for your clients and customers that you have on file. In some cases, however, the information on file will be outdated and incorrect. When this happens, you will not be able to locate those individuals who owe you money unless you conduct some investigative research. In some cases, you might have a need to reconnect with a segment of clients that have not been responsive to your offers in the near past. While you need to recoup the outstanding funds that are owed to you, you also may not want to use your company's internal resources in this effort. Through the outstanding voice process outsourcing services available to you through Neural IT, we can help.

At Neural IT, we offer a full range of unresponsive client location services that can benefit your company. This service provides you with a convenient way to locate those clients who you may want to contact. Your company will be responsible for providing our knowledgeable team of debt collectors with the contact information that you have on file, and we will utilize this information in an attempt to locate your clients. We have proven and effective services that are designed to locate the new addresses and contact phone numbers of individuals who have relocated or who are otherwise not available to be contacted via the original methods that they provided to you. Modern technology and proven techniques are utilized to generate results. Beyond that, we also offer skillful debt collection services that can be used to help you collect the outstanding funds you require.

You will not be able to run your business effectively if you do not establish timely contact with your clients and obtain the funds that you are rightfully owed. Through our voice process outsourcing services like unresponsive client location, you can more effectively sustain contact with your clients and collect the money outstanding without devoting your own internal resources to the task. Our focus is on providing affordable services to you while also maintaining your client relationships. Contact Neural IT today to inquire about the different ways that we can help you improve your business processes.

Many companies today strive to complete tasks in-house in an effort to retain greater control over processes and results as well as to keep costs low. However, there are instances when outsourcing simply makes sense. When it comes to collecting on outstanding debts that are owed to your company, you can enjoy great results with our cost-effective, streamlined, first-party collection services. These services are provided to you through our voice process outsourcing solutions, and they are instrumental in helping you overcome the current challenges you face in this area.

There are numerous steps and strategies that are utilized to collect on debts, but these steps and strategies may be a drain on your company's internal resources. In many cases, all that is needed to collect on debts is a thoughtful and timely call to your clients and customers. The best results are generated through first-party collections services when an outstanding account reaches a certain level of delinquency. Keep in mind that there are rules and regulations in most states as well as at the federal level that must be complied with when collecting on outstanding debts. The team of collectors from Neural IT who provide first party collections services are highly skilled in this area, and they will provide you with the results you need. Our first party efforts included in our voice process outsourcing solutions will help you to maintain your relationships with your clients, collect on your debts in the fastest way possible, and comply with regulations that may limit your efforts.

Accounts receivable efforts by your company should ideally generate the results your company needs by bringing in revenue that has already been earned by your team. However, when you are dealing with delinquency, your own ability to pay your company's bills or to pursue other plans can be impeded. This can result in your company's inability to operate as you have intended. Neural IT understands the challenges you face when collecting outstanding debts, and we also have the solutions that you can count on to produce great results. Contact Neural IT today to inquire about this service and other voice process outsourcing solutions that may benefit your company.

In order to remain a profitable business, it is imperative that you collect the funds that are owed to you. In many cases, your customers and clients will make timely payments to you as agreed. However, when the collection of outstanding debts becomes problematic, the financial viability of your company could be at stake. Collecting debts is a task that must be accomplished with proven techniques and strategies. While you need to find an effective way to recoup the money that is rightfully owed to your company, you also may want to retain good relationships with your clients and customers. Neural IT has the debt collections services that you can count on to achieve both of these goals.

At Neural IT, we have established great relationships with some of the top debt collection agencies in the country. Through these relationships, we are able to customize our voice process outsourcing services so that they meet your needs fully. Our services can be used for a wide range of customers and clients across various demographics. Our skilled debt negotiators and collectors have the highest debt recovery rate in the industry, but we also work toward maintaining good relationships with your clients. Our voice process outsourcing services are courteous and respectful, but they also produce timely, effective results. We specialize in the collection of debts related to credit card payments, consumer loans, and mortgages. We can also customize our services to overlap with your specific business needs.

Debt collection is just one of the many services that our skilled and experienced team at Neural IT can provide to you. We are committed to your satisfaction, and our focus is on serving your needs in a manner that is cost-effective for you. Whether you need assistance with debt collection or you need help with one of our other medical-legal services, we want to help. We are available to begin working for you today, so contact the office to inquire about our services.

In order to thrive and succeed in today's business environment, it is often necessary to create strategic business partnerships with companies that can facilitate your own efforts. When it comes to client relationship management services, Neural IT is committed to exceeding your expectations with thoughtful, cost-effective services that produce results. While we offer a wide range of services to meet your unique and varied needs, one service that may be effectively implemented with your company is voice process outsourcing.

We have been serving the needs of our professional clients for more than 10 years, and we have the experience and knowledge you expect from a client relationship management team. We utilize highly effective techniques for voice process outsourcing services to deliver results. We can scale our services to meet your needs, and this means that the skills and services of our team can even be used for fluctuating or inconsistent needs as the situation demands.

At Neural IT, we want to help you with all of your professional needs, and we have the focus and dedication to serve your needs. In addition to providing you with highly effective voice process outsourcing services, we also can assist you with a wide range of other services, such as legal process outsourcing, business process outsourcing and more. Regardless of what your current needs are, we want to hear from you. Through a consultation, we can discuss how our services can be implemented effectively to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Contact the team at Neural IT for more information about the services we provide to our valued clients, and we will begin serving your needs.