OneOhio Body Established For Opioid Lawsuit Judgment

07/04/2022 - 14:56

According to assessments from the Lake County commissioners, the regional body holding authority over how funds from the OneOhio Solution…

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Purdue Pharma Reaches $116M Settlement With British Columbia

07/01/2022 - 14:41

British Columbia, Canada, has reached a settlement with OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma Canada for $150 million in medical expenses…

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Oklahama To Get $250M From Opioid Settlements

07/01/2022 - 14:38

The state Attorney General of Oklahoma announced that the state has reached a $250 million settlement with the three drug companies to deal…

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Supreme Court Rejects Bayer's Second Roundup Lawsuit Appeal

06/29/2022 - 09:34

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take into account an appeal resulting from the second of two early trial verdicts, rejecting Bayer's…

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Court Grants Temporary Stay On JUUL's Vape Products Ban

06/28/2022 - 13:46

Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) order to ban the sale of JUUL's e-cigarettes has been temporarily blocked by a federal court as the…

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First Zantac Bellwether Trial Slated On Feb 13, 2023

06/27/2022 - 14:42

A pretrial order to establish the first Zantac trial has been issued by a Californian State Court Judge who is overseeing the Ranitidine…

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FDA Bans Sale Of Juul's Vaping Products

06/24/2022 - 16:16

U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rejected the authorization of JUUL vaping products' sale by banning the products from the U.S. market…

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SC Discusses Distribution Of $360M Opioid Settlement

06/23/2022 - 12:05

South Carolina has issued a report on how it will spend the hundreds of millions of dollars it receives from the nationwide opioid…

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Bill To Legalize Fentanyl Test Strips Approved By PA House

06/22/2022 - 13:48

A bill to legalize fentanyl test strips has been approved by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to avert the further opioid crisis in…

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Kansas To Get $6M From Mallinckrodt Over Opioid Crisis

06/21/2022 - 15:06

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals plc will pay at least $6 million to Kansas as per Kansas' Attorney General's order over the company's role in…

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Fourth Consecutive Win For Bayer In Roundup Lawsuit

06/20/2022 - 14:46

Bayer has won the fourth consecutive trial as the jury found that the company's Roundup weedkiller did not cause cancer in the Oregon man…

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AG Secures $58.5M From Mallinckrodt Over Opioid Crisis

06/17/2022 - 12:38

A New York Attorney General secured up to $58.5 million from Mallinckrodt plc, which is one of the largest drug manufacturers of opioids in…

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