Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-August-1

A $45 million class-action settlement was just granted by the federal court presiding over tens of thousands of Roundup weedkiller personal injury lawsuits against Monsanto and its owner, Bayer AG.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-July-25

On Tuesday, Impax Laboratories said that it has reached an agreement to pay $145 million to settle antitrust class actions alleging that the pharmaceutical company conspired unlawfully with Endo International Plc to postpone the release of a generic version of its Opana ER opioid medication.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-July-18

Allergan and Teva, two manufacturers of opioids, have agreed to pay $54 million in cash and medications to reverse overdoses to settle a federal lawsuit filed by San Francisco that claimed the drug business was responsible for a spike in overdoses and addiction that resulted in a public nuisance.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-July-11

According to assessments from the Lake County commissioners, the regional body holding authority over how funds from the OneOhio Solution opioid litigation settlement are allocated is largely established and a decision on the "bellwether trial" against pharmacy chains for "irresponsibly distributing drugs" will soon be coming to a resolution.

Personal Injury News: Pick Of Last Month: July-2022

A lawsuit brought by the family of an unarmed Black man who was shot and killed in his car by sheriff's deputies more than a year ago has been settled for $3 million, according to a North Carolina sheriff's office.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-July-04

British Columbia, Canada, has reached a settlement with OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma Canada for $150 million in medical expenses associated with the opioid crisis.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-June-27

U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rejected the authorization of JUUL vaping products' sale by banning the products from the U.S. market, citing the long-term effects of teen vaping addiction.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-June-20

A New York Attorney General secured up to $58.5 million from Mallinckrodt plc, which is one of the largest drug manufacturers of opioids in the country, over its role in fueling the opioid crisis.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-June-13

Indiana's Attorney General informed that all the cities, towns and counties in Indiana are now participating in the $507 million opioid settlement with major pharmaceutical distributors and manufacturers.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-June-06

3M is appealing for a new trial to a Florida federal judge over the company's lawsuit against Combat Arms Earplugs, where a plaintiff was awarded a $50 million verdict in a bellwether trial in multidistrict litigation.

Personal Injury News: Pick Of Last Month: June-2022

The reward cap of damages in medical malpractice lawsuits has been increased after a fair vote from the legislators in the California legislature, which has resolved one of the most distressing disputes in state politics.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2022-May-30

A $55 million award to a U.S. Army veteran over hearing damage in a 3M earplugs lawsuit has been slashed to $21.7 million by a federal jury citing the limit of the reward under Colorado law.