Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Nov-08

Bexar County, which sued more than 50 drug manufacturing and distributing companies in 2018, will receive $12 million from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to tackle the opioid crisis. The settlement is part of a $290 million allotted to Texas to deal with the ongoing opioid crisis in the state. J&J…

Personal Injury News: Pick Of Last Month: October-2021

Families of the children who were harmed and died in a mishap at a pediatric nursing facility in Passaic County in 2018 due to a viral outbreak will receive a $6.2 million settlement.

As per the court documents, 35 children were infected, and 11 died because of adenovirus, a typically mild illness that affected the weakened immune of…

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Nov-01

Alabama Attorney General has announced to use $1.5 million from the $9 million opioid settlement to prevent child abuse because of the opioid crisis in the state. The attorney general explained that many of the parents addicted to opioids have resulted in adverse childhood experiences to the kids across…

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Oct-25

Johnson & Johnson's (J&J) subsidiary LTL Management LLC has asked to pause thousands of talc lawsuits against its parent company, considering Chapter 11 granted to it. LTL Management stated in the motion that Chapter 11 gets automatically applied to Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. as both the…

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Oct-18

More than 100 lawsuits have been registered against Royal Philips NV in Pennsylvania court over the recall of its more than 3 million CPAP devices which were used to treat sleep apnea and linked to causing cancer. U.S. District Judge Joy Conti is overlooking the claims…

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Oct-11

The attorney general of Louisiana and Teva Pharmaceuticals have reached a $15 million settlement to deal with the opioid epidemic and claims throughout the state against the company.

Personal Injury News: Pick Of Last Month: September-2021

New Hampshire’s youth detention center faces another lawsuit from a man who alleged that he was sexually and physically assaulted by the staffers at the center.

As per the court documents, the plaintiff has spent three years in the detention center in the 1990s, where he was beaten and exploited sexually by the staffers. The plaintiff…

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Oct-04

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been cleared of liability in a lawsuit where a woman accused the company of failing to warn about the health risks associated with its talcum baby powder product.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Sept-27

Niagara and Erie counties, along with other communities and counties around the New York state, will get a relevant settlement for the opioid crisis caused by the manufacturers throughout the state.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Sept-20

C.R. Bard has been awarded the first win in the Ventralight ST hernia mesh of Ohio, where the plaintiff accused that the company's product was defective and resulted in multiple injuries to him.

Weekly Mass Torts Bulletin 2021-Sept-13

A federal judge has denied C.R. Bard’s pre-verdict motion in the hernia mesh lawsuit, considering the evidence provided by the plaintiffs that highlight the dangers of the product to the patients.